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Their lucky days // Tampa couple win Lotto prize with birth dates

A Tampa barber and his wife plan to continue working, even though their income has just increased by almost $40 an hour - 24 hours a day, for 20 years. Angelo and Belinda Cacciatore, both 29, won a $6.5-million Lotto grand prize from Saturday's drawing, Lottery Secretary Rebecca Paul announced Thursday.

"I just couldn't believe it," said Mrs. Cacciatore, a real estate appraiser.

The Cacciatores, born and raised in Tampa, have been playing two lottery tickets each week since it began two years ago. They picked the same numbers each time, selected from birth dates. The winning numbers were 03-05-09-10-27-31.

The couple was busy working on their house Sunday and didn't check the numbers until Monday. They still are deciding what to do with the money. They want to take a vacation but don't intend to quit their jobs.

"I just feel that we're still young and I enjoy my job," Mrs. Cacciatore said. Married five years, the couple were high school sweethearts at Tampa Catholic High School. They will receive 20 annual payments of $326,000.

They bought the winning ticket at a Circle K store at 902 W Fletcher Ave. in Tampa.

"It's funny, it wasn't as busy because of the rain this Saturday," said Sue Alford, 40, a clerk at the store. "I think it's good luck they won here because more people will play."

She said the store sells about 5,000 tickets a week.

"There's a 7-Eleven across the street and we have to send customers over there when we're broken down," she said.

Two other $6-million jackpot winners, who bought tickets in Largo and Tampa last month, have not come forward to claim their prizes. In six months the money will be returned to the prize pool.

- Staff writers Kitty Bennett and Susan Clary contributed to this report.