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Two warrants issued in child custody case

Arrest warrants have been issued for the mother and a friend of a woman who went to jail rather than permit unsupervised, court-ordered visits for her ex-husband with their daughter. Last summer, Evelyn Hays spent a month in jail after hiding her daughter to block visits by the girl's father, Steven Hays. Hays has denied his ex-wife's charges that he sexually abused their daughter.

The child has been cared for by foster parents since deputies found her in early September with her maternal grandmother, Evelyn Kaye, at an apartment outside St. Augustine.

Ms. Kaye later was arrested for having custody of the girl in defiance of a court order.

In October, a court-appointed psychologist issued a report saying it was highly unlikely Hays abused the girl.

The report alleged, instead, that Keith Sullivan, a Flagler County man and friend of Ms. Kaye, sexually abused the girl while she was in hiding. But no charges have been filed against Sullivan.

Both Ms. Kaye and Sullivan were subpoenaed to testify Wednesday, but neither showed up, and Musleh issued warrants for their arrest.

Also Wednesday, Ms. Hays' sister, Patricia Moyers, recalled in testimony a joyful reunion between father and daughter. Mrs. Moyers burst into tears as she described the relationship between Hays and his daughter.

"She ran into his arms and hugged him and told him how much she missed him," she said, describing Hays' reunion in May 1989 with the girl.

Mrs. Moyers also described Ms. Kaye as manipulative, controlling and verbally abusive.

The hearing moved into a courtroom on Wednesday, the second day of

testimony to determine who should get custody of the child.

On Tuesday, the hearing was held in Marion County Circuit Judge Victor Musleh's crowded chamber.

In other testimony Wednesday, Ocala pediatrician Milton Mazursky said an examination of the girl Aug. 1, 1988, revealed that she had not been previously sexually abused. Hays' last unsupervised visit with the girl was in late April 1988.

By Sept. 28, 1988, another Ocala pediatrician noted that the girl

definitely had been sexually abused, a finding disputed in the psychologist's court-ordered report the next month.