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Day-care owner tests negative for venereal disease

Tests show that a day-care center owner accused of possessing childpornography does not have a sexually transmitted disease found in three children who attended his preschool, police said Friday.

John W. Shaver, who faces felony charges of possessing child pornography and procuring the sexual performance of a child, is currently free on $75,000 bail. He was given a venereal test Wednesday as part of the conditions for his release from jail.

"We're trying to determine the source of that infection and, so far, we have not," said police spokesman Ott Cefkin. "At the time that they took a sample from Mr. Shaver, that was a few days ago, it was negative (for the disease)."

Shaver, 56, was charged last month with possessing child pornography. On Tuesday, police added 24 counts of procuring the sexual performance of a child. These new charges involve allegedly pornographic photo montages found in Shaver's home that combine pictures of preschoolers with nude pictures from magazines.

None of the charges against Shaver relate to any known physical contact with children, and police have found no evidence that children at the center were sexually abused, Cefkin said.

The court-ordered test of Shaver was made after police discovered gonorrhea in throat cultures of three children who attended Shaver's Rainbow Learning Center. The three children were treated for the disease.