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Donald: No settlement

Day six of "Trump: The Divorce" arrived Friday with Donald saying hehad no plans to pay estranged wife, Ivana, $100-million in a settlement to end their marriage.

"I don't rule anything out, but it's highly unlikely" there will be a settlement negotiated beyond an existing prenuptial agreement, the billionaire developer told New York Newsday. The paper had reported a day earlier that Trump told associates he expected to pay $100-million to end the case quickly.

"It's a very simple case. It's an open-and-shut case," Trump told the newspaper. "I'll do whatever I have to do, but I don't see a settlement of this case."

Trump's fortune is estimated at $1.7-billion. The couple has a divorce agreement that reportedly would give Ivana $25-million, a Connecticut estate and custody of their three children.

While Trump was focusing on the divorce itself, media coverage was touching on everything but the couple's marriage, including more reports on purported Trump girlfriend Marla Maples. Among the more interesting items Friday were: Advice on divorce from Roxanne Pulitzer. "You can fight over money and everything else, but I hope the children are kept from all this," she said in USA Today.

Word from skater Peggy Fleming, a rumored Trump flame, that she and Donald are not buddy-buddy. "I wouldn't even call him a close friend," said the former Olympian.

Columnist Liz Smith's tidbit in the New York Daily News that Trump's father, Fred, told his son, "If you don't stop what you're doing, it's going to give me a stroke!"

Et cetera ...

Kathleen Sullivan of CBS This Morning said goodbye Friday and obliquely confirmed that Paula Zahn, formerly of ABC's Good Morning America, will succeed her. A statement from CBS on the change is expected next week.

Sullivan did not say why she was leaving, and her agent said CBS is discussing other possibilities at the network for her.

Ike Turner, the soul musician who was married to Tina Turner, was sentenced Friday to four years in prison on cocaine charges.

Tempestt Bledsoe of The Cosby Show, has become a finalist for a National Merit Scholarship.