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Students are concerned about world around them

The letters today are from senior students in Teresa Stores' Englishclasses at Ridgewood High School in New Port Richey. In her letter

accompanying the students' comments, Ms. Stores said, "These were written as a result of research projects addressing local problems.

One letter, by Tammy Walters, was already published in your paper and caused quite a sensation among the kids. There are some mistakes in these letters, but these are issues about which the kids are now knowledgeable, and about which they feel strongly. Their excitement renews my faith in youth and gives me hope for the future. Tammy now believes she can make a difference in the world."

Law linking dropouts and licenses must be changed

Editor: The new Florida law dealing with high school absenteeism, dropouts and driver's licenses needs to be changed. We recognize Florida's dropout problems, and something needs to be done. We need to involve parents in the school life of their children. If parental involvement increased, students would be disciplined better and no law would be broken.

Students will continue to drive with a suspended license, but if parents have the final say of whether their child's license should be suspended or not, then the law would be explored more throughout school and home.

We also need to think about students who need to work for some reason or another. They must drive to work even if they have a suspended license. Some exceptions should be considered.

Wendy Hendrickson Why fix roads now and not then?

Editor: This letter refers to a term paper I have just completed in my senior year. It has to deal with the roads of this area. I think that it's past time for the roads to be fixed. Many people agree but yet the city governments have just started the repairs of the roads in Pasco and Pinellas County alike.

I believe that the roads could have and should have been widened for the future so we wouldn't have to live with this problem now. I understand that the roads are under construction now, but why is it now instead of then? What a time to start during the winter with all the tourists down.

I'm just saying it's about time the city officials get their fingers out of their ears, make some more progress than what is happening right now.

The future is now. Let's make it an easy transported one.

Michael Stetz Teens need a place of their own to go

Editor: There should be a place in Pasco County for teen-agers to hang out.

I have proper documentation stating the verification that our public would entertain the project.

Our public is enthusiastic about this type of project; however, there arises a need for financial funding.

A suitable piece of property is another subject to be addressed.

All of our public needs to be made aware of this project, its benefits, its functions and its capabilities to enrich our young local teen-agers.

With the enrichment of this much needed project our young people will be off the streets and looking toward a future of safer lives.

Keith L. Olampo

Editor: Pasco County lacks the needed resources and interest to provide sufficient areas for youths to congregate and socialize. These things should not be ignored.

The teen-agers in this area would like to see action now, as opposed to waiting until 1995 for the completion of a new park on the riverfront property that the county just purchased.

It has been suggested that a petition signed by as many teens as possible who would like to see the creation of such a park be submitted to the County Commission for consideration on an agenda.

Such a petition is being circulated.

Michael F. Sylvester Greediness is the reason for drought

Editor: I am writing to discuss the water problems that we as a community are facing. We are currently in Phase 2 water restrictions.

What does that mean, that Phase 1 didn't work?

It's already too late to fix the problems that your generation has caused. We have overpopulated the Suncoast. It will be just a matter of years before all the clean water is used up. Why do we do this?

Because of greed. I guess it's true, "greediness is the root of all evil."

Craig Morris Air pollution must be cleaned up

Editor: With the new waste plant near Little and Ridge roads, it really doesn't help the air pollution problem, with all the fumes going into the air.

For the children and future of Pasco County, I was hoping to get through to the people in our community, by letting them know that if we don't do something about this air pollution problem, our health and environment are in danger.

The result of this will be tremendous, if we don't get our act together and help out in our growing community.

Janice R. Jaramillo Women should get same pay as men

Editor: Women in the work force are being underpaid as compared with men. I feel that men and women should be equally paid. This state should do a study in each city to compare pay to each of the same jobs men and women have or of equal labor to.

I believe there is discrimination involved, and I thought that went out a long time ago. I feel that women do different work, but it is just as demanding as men. So why should we have lower pay than them?

If this problem isn't dealt with completely, women will still be

discriminated against and will work for lower wages. They will never have a chance to show how much skill they have. Therefore, I feel that men and women should be equally paid.

Tina Marie Fornabio Seniors should join Guardian Angels

Editor: I am a concerned citizen who believes that there should be a larger Pasco County Guardian Angels chapter. In my research of the Guardian Angels I discovered that there was a chapter in New York City that consisted only of senior citizens. All of the retirees who live in Pasco could combat crime easily. It gives senior citizens and the youth of the county something to do. Maybe even bring together the generation gap.

Allen Peterson High school sports need drug testing

Editor: When I first read your headline on the drug testing plan in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (Jan. 11) I was quite pleased. But upon further reading my pleasure diminished. Not because of the article or the testing - I'm very pleased with both, but the fact that no drug testing plan has taken place in high school athletics!

I don't know about other states, but in the state of Florida there is none. What really made me think of the testing in high school is the article in which you put out the week before about high schools.

As a high school athlete, I know for a fact that drugs are the No. 1 problem in sports today and will get only worse if testing is not instituted.

I hope in the near future that testing will take place in high school sports just like it has in the NCAA.

Brian Amador