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City overlooks its own dens of entertainment

Re: City urged to play hardball in Jannus Landing complaint. Would someone explain to me, as a taxpayer, how a City Council that has put this city so far into debt by going into the entertainment business (i.e., the Bayfront Center, The Pier, the Florida Suncoast Dome, Grand Prix) now can use its power to eliminate other private entertainment enterprise? Is Mr. (Charles) Shorter now going to be a one-man screening committee for all the lyrics used in the city's entertainment businesses?

Or is our Dr. (Edward) Cole going to be our judge and jury at any type of concert being held in the city entertainment empire? Do our city fathers really believe themselves that their own enterprises won't attract vandals or drug users? If this is the way City Council members intend to revise downtown, then we best leave it as is and use the money now being wasted on their entertainment empire and give us some better city services.

Louis Van Roy, St. Petersburg

"Un-hip' leaders at helm

Re: The city vs. Jannus Landing.

It is my opinion that our glorious City Council has been in secret negotiations with former Secretary of the Interior James Watt.

I'm convinced that a plot has been hatched to close Jannus Landing, fill the empty spaces with leftover green benches, and bring in some real music . . . like Wayne Newton.

Hark! Is that the sound of the rest of our young people running for the Howard Frankland Bridge and Tampa?

Our terminally un-hip leadership strikes again.

Colleen Stovall, St. Petersburg

What about the Vinoy?

What is the news of the Vinoy issue? The absence of any mention over recent weeks and months, of any action, has been deafening.

Is it a dead issue? Again?

Harry W. Taylor, St. Petersburg