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Moving company pays for damaged item

I have had a major problem with Global Van Lines, the company that moved my household from Massachusetts. I purchased the best possible insurance coverage to insure a problem-free move, but now they tell me that the damaged electronic items are not covered _ this in spite of the fact that their insurance brochure does not list any exclusions and actually shows a photo of a TV set.

They originally agreed that my Christmas tree was worth $300, but when I told them I had a no-deductible policy, they decided that the tree was worth a third less.

If there is anything you can do to assist me, it would be appreciated.

Jeffrey L. Anderson

Response: We were happy to learn that you will receive $300 for your Christmas tree, and, once you get written repair estimates on your VCR, they will be "reviewed and considered."

Glad to help.

K mart finds a chair

A year ago I got a rain check from K mart in Tarpon Springs for a rattan swivel rocker on sale for $69. Since then I have called many times and gone to the store many other times, but still no chair.

I would really like to get this chair as it was such a substantial savings.


Response: K mart Manager Jack Wright said he was unaware of the problem until he got our letter, but he has since located a replacement chair for you.

No refund for blazer

My real estate company required me to order a blazer with the company's emblem embroidered on it. It arrived in good condition a long time after I ordered it, but by then, I was uncertain if I even wished to remain with that real estate company. Therefore, I did not and do not need said blazer.

I returned it unworn with tags still attached and I am sure they have long since resold it. Now they are not responding to my requests (three) for a refund by saying I can use my credit on a future order.

They have my money and the jacket and they cannot have both! Please help!

Peg Jewett

Response: Progressive Image Inc. says you waited six months to return the blazer when their policy clearly states a 30-day return option. All they can suggest is that you assign your $64.50 credit on the blazer to another real estate salesman (there will be a national convention in Orlando in March, and they'll have a booth there with jacket displays).

Cruise line apologizes

We took a snorkel tour in St. Thomas last July and were so dissatisfied that we want our $36 refunded.

The bus that took us to the beach did not bother to stop and lower the side curtain when it began to rain. At the scuba shop, there were no lockers in which to keep our valuables, and when we got to the beach, which was full of broken glass and garbage, they told us the bathrooms were not working and we had to go behind a tree or in the water to relieve ourselves. The water was supposed to be no more than four feet deep. As it turned out, we had to swim in 15 feet of water.

The snack bar was below our standard of living, and then the bus driver told us to get all the sand off our feet with no place to do this, just stand and try to balance ourselves while carrying our belongings.

We went on this tour because it was recommended by the Carnival Cruise ship line. We have complained to them but have not received a response.

Any help you can give us in getting a refund would be appreciated.

Rosemary Boglino

Response: Carnival responded (after three months) with an apology for your inconvenience. As a gesture of good will, they were going to send you a check for $18 or a 50 percent reimbursement.

Meanwhile, they would like you to reflect on the more enjoyable aspects of your cruise, which presumably will persuade you to give them the privilege of serving you once again on a "fun ship" cruise.


We received a check today covering an adjustment on a Medicare claim of May 1989.

It is remarkable how you can accomplish in 15 days (including mail time) what I could not accomplish in six months. Thanks for your assistance.

Ray A. Working