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Student signs anti-alcohol policy, is arrested for DUI

Published Oct. 16, 2005

CLEMSON, S.C. _ Clemson University's student body president, who last week reviewed and approved the school's toughened policy on alcohol use, has been charged with driving under the influence, authorities said. William Astor Blackwood III was arrested Friday by a university police officer. Blackwood, 21, is scheduled to go to trial March 15.James Bond's life in the

fast lane comes to a halt

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. _ James Bond may have a license to kill, but Sean Connery didn't have a license to drive. Connery, the original Bond in the movies based on Ian Fleming's novels, was fined $190 for driving 82 mph in a 55 mph zone last month, Santa Barbara chief prosecutor Bob Calvert said Saturday. Authorities also said Connery was driving without a license, but that charge was dropped when his attorney showed he did have a valid license, though he wasn't carrying it at the time.

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