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Test your Tampa Bay IQ

Pay attention now, students. Here's a test I've devised to measure your economic IQ about the Tampa Bay region. It's based on information from An Inside Look at Tampa Bay, this newspaper's 1990 market report. 1. Let's start with an easy one. The six-county Tampa Bay area had a 1988 population of 2,033,100. That makes it rank where nationally?

a. 10th largestb. 20thc. 30thd. 40th

2. The Tampa Bay region had 864,300 households in 1988. Which of the following had most households that year?

a. Seattleb. Tampa Bay

c. Miami-Hialeahd. Pittsburgh

3. Tampa Bay ranked 24th in the nation in 1988 in effective buying income. What is the market's buying income?

a. $11,421,344,000b. $18,981,772,000

c. $20,544,812,000d. $25,596,483,000

4. Everybody knows that the Atlanta metro area ranks first in the Southeast in population, households and buying power. What metro area ranks second in the Southeast?

a. New Orleans

b. Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News

c. Miami-Hialeahd. Tampa Bay

5. In the four-county Tampa Bay metro area, Hillsborough had a 1988 population of 830,300, Pasco 266,100 and Hernando 90,000. What was Pinellas' population?

a. 688,420b. 752,980c. 846,700d. 911,240

6. In retail sales, Pinellas had $6,633,061,000 in '88, Pasco $1,495,839,000 and Hernando $357,795,000. What were Hillsborough's total retail sales?

a. $7,298,942,000b. $6,941,351,000

c. $6,296,872,000d. $4,089,651,000

7. One county had 46 percent of the region's effective buying income, compared with 39 percent for the runner-up. What county was the leader?

a. Hillsboroughb. Pinellasc. Pascod. Hernando

8. Twenty-two percent of the residents of the Tampa Bay metro area are 65 or older. What percentage falls into the 25-44 age group?

a. 17%b. 13%c. 27%d. 21%

9. A national survey ranks the nation's fastest-growing metropolitan areas. Where does Tampa Bay rank?

a. No. 1b. No. 2c. No. 3d. No. 4

10. How many students were enrolled in the bay area's public elementary, secondary and vocational schools and colleges and universities during the 1988-89 school year?

a. 198,345b. 254,970c. 389,987d. 432,641

11. The Tampa Bay region is famous as a place to vacation and to retire. But how many people go to work every day?

a. 792,960b. 471,450c. 281,086d. 220,782

12. Speaking of jobs, manufacturing employment in the Tampa Bay region is split 52 percent-43 percent between the two big counties. Which has most?

a. Hillsboroughb. Pinellas

13. In 1988, what county led all of Florida by forming 10,475 new businesses?

a. Dadeb. Broward

c. Hillsboroughd. Pinellas

14. Hospitals are big businesses and big employers. What's the largest hospital in the Tampa Bay region?

a. VA Medical Center at Bay Pines.

b. Morton Plantc. Tampa General

d. James A. Haley Veterans Hospital

15. More than 3.6-million tourists visited Pinellas during 1988, contributing $1.7-billion to the economy. Here's an easy question: During what month did most tourists come, almost 600,000 of them?

a. Marchb. Aprilc. Juned. July

16. Home-building is a $900-million industry in the region. In 1988, the latest for which figures are available, which county's residential building permits had the highest value of $405-million?

a. Pinellasb. Hillsboroughc. Pascod. Hernando

17. There are 45 savings and loan associations in the metropolitan area with 335 offices. Pinellas leads the region with more than $7.8-billion in S&L deposits. What county ranks second?

a. Hillsboroughb. Pascoc. Hernando

18. The Miami-Hialeah metro area has 48,023 pleasure boats registered with the Florida Department of Natural Resources. How many pleasure boats are registered from the Tampa Bay region?

a. 52,962 b. 69,098 c. 81,532 d. 94,725

19. Almost 10-million passengers used the beautiful Tampa International Airport in 1988. Thirty-seven percent of those passengers were from Hillsborough County. What percentage were from Pinellas?

a. 30% b. 35% c. 40% d. 48%

20. Laid-back Pinellas is known for its beaches and retirees. Hillsborough seems all business. Which of the following statements is false?

a. Hillsborough leads the region in total retail sales.

b. Hillsborough leads the region in total drugstore sales.

c. Hillsborough leads the region in restaurant and bar sales.

d. Hillsborough leads the region in furniture, home furnishings and appliance sales.

e. Hillsborough leads the region in automobile dealer sales.

f. None of the above.

g. All of the above.

ANSWERS: 1 (b), 2 (b), 3 (d), 4 (d), 5 (c), 6 (c), 7 (b), 8 (c), 9 (d), 10 (c), 11, (a), 12 (b), 13 (d), 14 (c), 15 (b), 16 (a), 17 (b), 18 (d), 19 (d) and 20 (g).

Robert Pittman is editor of editorials and vice president of the St. Petersburg Times.