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Despite harassment, new residents just want to belong

Editor: We are in the process of making a permanent transfer to Florida. We are waiting for some duplicate paperwork to enable us to transfer our automobile tags, so we still have out-of-state tags on our car. On two separate occasions while driving on U.S. 19 (one time I was with my sister and the other time my husband was alone) we were accosted and harassed by two young "gentlemen" in a pickup truck. Both times they followed and pounded on the side of their vehicle shouting that since we had seen Florida we should go back where we "belong."

We feel that we "belong" here. We are not asking and have never asked for any kind of public assistance. We have gainful employment. We are respectable, law abiding tax-paying residents. We are avid readers of all sections of your newspaper and watch the local newscasts so we will be informed of area issues and happenings. We have another 15 employment years and we hope to remain here permanently.

We realize that these two young "gentlemen" are not representative of everyone here. We get an occasional "horn-cussing" or "finger signal" because we sometimes slow down to 60 mph to take in some of the wondrous beauty around us, but we have met some really terrific people and we love it here.

We did not come here to plunder and pillage Florida, but to earn our own way, contribute what we can and to enjoy life.

Please let us "belong."

Mrs. Ed Coy


Little League needs support

Editor: Hudson residents: Many of you might not know that in Hudson off Denton Avenue we have a beautiful sports complex of baseball, softball and soccer fields which Pasco County built for the youngsters in the Hudson area. This is where the Greater Hudson Little League accommodates approximately 360 boys and girls ages 6 through 15 in their quest to learn to play baseball.

I am writing this letter in great hope that the residents, business and civic clubs might find it in their hearts to help support this great effort; to truly give the youth in our area something to achieve and strive for.

This year, we are in dire need of team sponsors, umpires and volunteers. It takes a lot of hard work and unaccountable hours of devotion by manager, coaches, umpires, parents and board members to really make our Little League program succeed.

It also is an awesome financial undertaking. That's why I'm asking for your help. I know that in the Hudson area there are probably thousands of ex-Little Leaguers out there. I ask you to think back to those years that provided you with many memorable experiences and then think of the kids of today and all the tough decisions they must make. Here's 380 of them that have made the right choice. Please help support them.

For more information on team sponsorship and umpires, please call Linda Craft at (813) 868-0909.

Bob Stewart

President Parents Auxiliary

Greater Hudson Little League

Donations for Charleston appreciated

Editor: The New Port Richey Community Cooperative Inc. has mailed a check for $650 to the city of Charleston, S.C., to help the reconstruction efforts after the devastation caused by Hurricane Hugo.

We felt compelled to help Charleston in some way as our downtowns share a common historic background. We also are aware of our susceptibility to damage by hurricanes _ we can all remember how we felt when Elena threatened this entire area in 1985. It was through the suggestion of council member Debra Prewitt that the Community Cooperative opened the account for community contributions.

That brings us to the reason for this letter. Without the help of our Cooperative friends and volunteers, the check we sent to Charleston would never have been written. We especially want to thank the following people for their donations: Romeo Jaspar, Bob and Barbara Daniels, Photo Art Masters, B. Sausman, the law firm of McPherson, McGlinchey and Hammond and the Tanglewood Terrace Civic Association. Also received were several generous contributions from those who have remained anonymous. We want all of you to know how very much your donations are appreciated, and we thank you for your caring and giving spirit.

We know that as we send this check to Charleston with visions of its successful reconstruction, we know also that it comes from the heart of our community.

Marilynn deChant

Executive Director

New Port Richey Community Cooperative Inc.

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