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Opposition party formed in Mongolia

ULAN BATOR, Mongolia _ Mongolia's democracy movement proclaimed itself the country's first opposition party Sunday. Some 610 delegates attended a founding congress and demanded the ruling Communist Party Politburo's resignation. The new party grew out of the Mongolian Democratic Association which, since its establishment last December, has held several anti-government rallies and repeatedly called for a multiparty system.Cheney faces cool

welcome in Manila

MANILA, Philippines _ Defense Secretary Dick Cheney arrives today for security talks, facing a rare snub from President Corazon Aquino and anger over what many Filipinos consider a U.S. failure to deliver promised compensation for the use of U.S. installations in the Philippines. Cheney, on a two-week tour of the Pacific rim that has included stops in South Korea and Hong Kong, will meet with Defense Secretary Fidel Ramos and visit the Subic Bay and Clark military bases.

Paris prisoner dies

in helicopter escape

PARIS _ A prisoner fell 50 feet to his death and another was seriously injured in an attempt to escape from the roof of a jail by helicopter Sunday. Officials said three gunmen hijacked the helicopter to Fresnes maximum security prison and dropped a rope to the waiting prisoners. But the rope snapped when they grabbed it. The man who died was serving a 15-year sentence for robbery and six years for jailbreak. The pilot landed the helicopter at a soccer stadium, and the three gunmen escaped in a car, police said.

Bulgaria denies

killing dissident

SOFIA, Bulgaria _ A senior Bulgarian official has denied his country was involved in the murder of dissident Georgi Markov, who was killed in London by a poison-tipped umbrella 12 years ago. In an article headlined: "The Umbrella Was Not Bulgarian," the official BTA news agency quoted Interior Ministry spokesman Yordan Ormankov as saying neither the Bulgarian government nor its secret police had anything to do with the killing.

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa _ Thabo Mbeki, an exiled leader of the African National Congress, appealed to whites in an interview shown on state television, to help build a post-apartheid South Africa.

BAGHDAD, Iraq _ Iraq denied charges by U.S. Ambassador Armando Valladares that it used torture, executions and disappearances "to stifle opposition."

ATHENS, Greece _ Police said Peter Sedhom, 19, of New York City, was arrested and charged in the stabbing death of a young Greek woman at the seaside suburb of Glyfada.

ASWAN, Egypt _ Nubian dancers and children in Pharaonic dress welcomed Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to Aswan, a sign of improving ties between the two nations.

BEIJING _ A factory roof collapsed on workers and Communist Party officials in northeastern China, killing 41 people and injuring more than 100, official reports said.

KATMANDU, Nepal _ Protesters demanding authorities end a 29-year-old ban on political parties fought with police in five cities. Four people were reported killed.

MORONI, Comoros Islands _ The opposition accused President Said Mohamed Djohar of vote rigging in the Comoro Islands' first free election. Djohar denied the charge but said a new vote will be held soon.

HONG KONG _ Hundreds of Hong Kong residents protested compromises between Beijing and London on a constitution for the colony when China takes control in 1997.

OTTAWA _ Czechoslovak President Vaclav Havel arrived in Canada for talks with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney ahead of a visit to the United States to drum up investment in his country.