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Sure, honey, I'll make 24 pounds of drapes

The drapes are finished. I'm sure 1-billion Chinese don't even care, and it makes very little difference in your life.

But it sure does in mine.

A couple of weeks ago, I told you I don't sew anymore. I lied. I turned right around and agreed to make draperies for my elder daughter's house. She just asked me if I could, as if it were a request for a recipe. And I said "sure" with the same amount of ease.

I said this because ever since I decided to work while under the influence of two small children, back when this really wasn't done much, I went for the "Supermom" image.

And this was before there were Supermoms. And before there was wind chill factor and Styrofoam and any kind of pasta besides macaroni and spaghetti.

Anyway, I digress.

We recut the bedroom curtains so they'd fit the master bedroom in the new house. We recycled the former living room and dining room curtains, now in their third life, for the den and hallway, and the other three bedrooms had very nice and suitable curtains in them.

The living room and dining room had nothing going for them but six empty windows.

Sure I would do it. Why, no problem at all, honey.

Forty yards of fabric plus 40 yards of lining and about a mile of thread and every night at the sewing machine because we've been away most every weekend, and they are finished. I shipped them off, 24 pounds of draperies.

And now I can read, and take my morning walks, and watch television and not have to strain my ears over the hum of the sewing machine. And I can clean off the breakfast table and get the scraps off the floor, do a little gardening, visit with my friends on the phone.

You never have so much spare time as when you have just finished a monumental project.