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Iran hangs 30 on drug charges

Iran hanged 30 people Monday for smuggling drugs. The Iranian news agency IRNA said the hangings were carried out in Tehran and nine other cities but gave few other details. It was the second group of smugglers reported executed in Iran this year. Thirty-one people, including four Afghans and three Iranian women, were hanged Jan. 10. Iran executed more than 900 people for drug offenses last year.Letter arrives _ 10 years late

VERONA, Italy _ An airmailed letter took 10 years and 5 months to reach Verona in northern Italy from Buenos Aires, arriving long after the sender and the addressee had died. Angela Bedogni, the daughter of the intended recipient, reported the case on Monday. Her mother, Elvira Cappelletti Bedogni, died in Verona eight years ago. The sender, Elina Cappelletti, a sister-in-law who lived in Argentina, died a few years ago.

Man said to torch ex-colleagues

LONDON _ A Philippine man locked four people in a wire cage and set them on fire during a robbery last year at a London amusement park, a British court was told Monday. Two Sri Lankan security guards died in the April attack, and the others were so badly burned they are still in a hospital. Prosecutors said Victor Castigador planned the raid after the arcade owners fired him from his job as a security guard last March. He allegedly used a toy gun to get the four into a cage, then set them on fire and escape with $14,800.

"Jerusalem Post' in new dispute

JERUSALEM _ The new owners of the Jerusalem Post, accused of right-wing bias, have refused to publish a human rights study. Meron Benvenisti, director of the West Bank Data Base Project, Monday condemned the decision not to print the group's latest booklet of research on the occupied territory. The report, Essays on Human Rights, contained sections on Israeli land and labor policies in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, civil rights and a section on military censorship. A spokesman for the newspaper said the report was not published because of "economic reasons."

Elsewhere ...

ATHENS, Greece _ Nikos Athanasopoulos, a deputy finance minister in the government of former Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou, was held on charges of involvement in fraudulent grain sales to the European Community.

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka _ The body of Richard de Zoysa, 33, a journalist for the Rome-based Inter Press Service, washed ashore on a beach two days after he was abducted at gunpoint from his home by six men, police said.

MOSCOW _ Fire broke out on board a nuclear-powered Soviet icebreaker as it underwent repairs in the Arctic port of Murmansk, but its reactor was not damaged, Tass said.

BOGOTA, Colombia _ Two guerrillas from Spain's Basque separatist movement ETA are suspected in the bombing of a Colombian airliner that killed 107 people last November, Colombian intelligence chief Miguel Maza Marquez, said.

RIO de JANEIRO _ More than one murder an hour took place Sunday in Rio de Janeiro, where the killings of two samba dancers capped off a pre-Carnival weekend in which 57 homicides were reported.

LIMA, Peru _ Banks clerks, prison employees and construction workers all walked off the job as strikes spread across Peru seven weeks before presidential elections.

PARIS _ Europe's unmanned Giotto space probe sent a faint signal from space, the first sign that it could be reactivated, the European Space Agency said. Giotto, launched in 1985 to observe Halley's Comet, was shut down in April 1986.