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Prince visits space center

Britain's Prince Charles got a look at the space shuttle launch site and made an animal conservation film during a three-hour visit Monday to the Kennedy Space Center. Space center director Forrest McCartney and his wife, Ruth, escorted Charles on a tour of the shuttle launch control center and an assembly building.

Filming took place at a national wildlife refuge, which is part of the 88,000 acres that comprise the space center and which is home to eagles and hundreds of other bird species, alligators, wild pigs, deer and other wildlife.

The British Broadcasting Corp. made the film as part of a documentary.

Charles is to fly to Charleston, S.C., for a conference on international business beginning today.

Psychic trying

field of politics

Psychic Uri Geller claims to be able to bend spoons through mindpower, and now he is aiming to get Rhode Island voters to bend his way and support a politician who is into parapsychology.

U.S. Sen. Claiborne Pell, D-R.I., whose penchant for the paranormal is well publicized, was praised by Geller for standing up to the heat his beliefs engender.

"I will beam my energy for him to win the election," Geller told the Providence Journal-Bulletin during a recent interview at the American International Toy Fair in New York. Geller was there to promote a trivia game.

"People ridicule him, but he stands there," Geller said of Pell. "... All the barrage of controversy, he rides it out."

Pell has no lock on the paranormal vote, however. His opponent, Republican Rep. Claudine Schneider, has taken her share of ribbing as well for her interest in astrology.

"Atmosphere of love'

for Trumps' visit

Donald Trump returned to New York on Monday after a "wonderful trip" to visit his estranged wife, Ivana, and their three children at their Florida mansion, his spokesman said.

Ivana had flown to the Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach on Friday and Trump followed Sunday, said the spokesman, Howard Rubenstein.

Trump said the visit "had an atmosphere full of love," Rubenstein said. "The children, Ivana and the family were very cordial and he had a wonderful time."

The couple split up last week amid headlines that claimed Trump was having an affair with actress Marla Maples.

In Monday's New York Post, Trump vehemently denied any infidelity in 12 years of marriage.

"Never!" he told the Post. "I am a very loyal guy. I have a great sense of loyalty."

Trump continued his criticism of the coverage of the split.

"It's incredible. Every woman I've ever met I'm supposed to have had an affair with. You guys love it, the audiences love it, but none of it's true!" he said. "Marla is an unfortunate victim of all this. She is really a very nice person who is really a friend."

As for Donald Jr., 12, Ivancka, 8, and Eric, 6, Trump said: "I will continue to be a great father to them because they are great kids."

Clint Black packs

the Astrodome

Country music newcomer Clint Black brought a record sellout to Houston's Astrodome, surprising event schedulers and fans who couldn't get parking spaces.

The hometown boy, whose popularity skyrocketed last year, attracted 55,435 fans to the enlarged Astrodome on Sunday. His appearance was at the opening of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Black, a native of the Houston suburb of Katy, recalled childhood rodeo visits to see the likes of Merle Haggard and Roy Rogers, and said the realization that he was now a headliner at the rodeo sunk in as he was being introduced.

"That's when it really hit me," he said.

McCartney looks back with amazement

Criticizing Paul McCartney's records has been something of a blood sport for rock writers since the breakup of the Beatles 20 years ago.

"The perception after the Beatles was that nothing was any good," McCartney admitted in an interview with Fame magazine.

"Linda and I have since looked back at that period," he said. He recalled they told themselves, ""We did amazingly well. Anyone else would have given their right arm for a career like that.' For me, it was the second bite of the cherry." McCartney is currently in the midst of a world tour.