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The latest from California; cast of pregnant belly

Published Oct. 16, 2005

The latest thing from trend-setting Southern California is a unique memento of childbirth that goes beyond delivery room movies: a plaster cast of pregnant Mom's bulging belly. Dr. Stork's Original Pregnant Tummy Cast Kit, available by mail-order for $19.95 plus $3 for shipping, was the brainchild of Fred Scobie, 43, and his wife Dionne, 39, of suburban Sherman Oaks. It comes with everything needed to make a mold of the mother-to-be's tummy _ gauze, plaster, markers and blue and pink ribbons.

The idea for casting a pregnant belly blossomed while Mrs. Scobie was expecting her first child.

Her prominent tummy was captured in plaster at her baby shower, and the ceremony was the hit of the party.

"It's only difficult because everybody is laughing, and the plaster doesn't set well with a moving stomach," Scobie said.

After it dries, guests sign the plaster shell.

"It's really a trophy," said Scobie. "It is really cherished. the kids are fascinated by this. They know they came from mommie's tummy, and it's just beautiful to watch them."