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Caution signs should mark all dangerous intersections

Editor: Re: Feb. 4 article, U.S. 19 is on top of hit list. I am appalled and depressed by the overwhelmingly large number of accidents occurring, especially in the area where I live.

In fact, I reside in a 450-apartment development that has a driveway leading directly onto Drew Street at U.S. 19 (the juncture of the highest incidence of auto accidents).

As an active participant in this game of Clearwater Roulette (one accident in 4.3 days!), I believe I have the right to offer my opinion regarding the major cause of the problem _ the ambiguity of the two-way arrow road markings, which may, and do in many instances, repeat themselves in tandem and most unexpectedly.

Very often, cars are positioned directly on top of these markings when traffic is halted or backed up so that drivers cannot see them.

It also is difficult to determine which arrows lead to which turn-off or intersection. I have observed many drivers getting into the wrong lane in order to make their turn, thereby becoming confused and confusing other drivers behind them.

This maneuver results in sudden braking or turning, or both, with the inevitable rear-end collision.

I wish to point out that trying to keep an eye on the traffic signals, the traffic signs and the erratic action of one's fellow drivers, the condition becomes more exacerbated with the ambiguity of the road markings, which quite often are eroded due to heavy traffic.

Any plan for re-engineering the traffic system would take a great deal of money and many years to implement.

With the burgeoning population, by the time any changes were made they probably would be obsolete.

I believe it would be relatively inexpensive to implement the following measure to alleviate the terrible situation we are faced with at this time. At every intersection shown on the map accompanying the article _ 20 in all _ I recommend that there be posted highly visible caution signs (for day, night and inclement weather use) indicating that that traffic spot is perilous and requires extra caution on the part of all motorists and pedestrians, and that the traditional "skull and crossbones" be clearly visible to all.

Sidney K. Lane, Clearwater

Be kinder to young people

Editor: The warm weather is just around the corner and, unfortunately, so will all the nasty articles about all young people be starting.

Every year in the spring, young people from around our great U.S.A. descend upon our beaches. They bring us all their money and basically ask for sunshine!

Their money is totally wanted, but not them. Your paper never has anything nice to say about these future leaders of tomorrow! Just once I would like to see one positive article.

If you need to write negatively, why not pick on all the seniors who come and block Ulmerton, Bay and Park driving 25 miles per hour instead of the posted speed?

This group of people take it upon themselves to constantly correct my children. Where are their manners?

I'm not saying all seniors are bad. And how I wish your paper wouldn't refer to all college kids as bad!

Stop playing favorites. Keep in mind it's tourism that keeps Florida thriving, not the snow birds who live here in winter.

Linda B. Morris, Largo