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Colombia guerrillas vow "death to gringos'

A leftist guerrilla group holding two Americans captive Tuesday declared "death to gringos" and said they had targeted all U.S. interests in Colombia for attack. Tuesday's threats came from the National Liberation Army, known as the ELN, one of six guerrilla groups in Colombia. The die-hard rebel group is suspected of wounding five police officers in a bomb attack on the site of last week's anti-drug summit. It named the U.S. ambassador and North American military advisers as their top two targets.Soviets reject U.S. plea for flights to Israel

WASHINGTON _ The Soviet Union, under heavy pressure from Arab countries, has rejected an appeal from the Bush administration to allow direct flights for Soviet Jews from Moscow to Israel, administration officials said Monday. American and Israeli officials said that in the absence of such flights, thousands of Soviet Jews were in effect trapped in the Soviet Union at a time of rising anti-Semitism. About 4,600 Soviet Jews emigrated to Israel last month, mostly through Budapest. Officials say there are not enough flights from Moscow to Budapest for all who want to leave. Emigration would total 10,000 to 12,000 a month, they add, if direct flights were available to Israel.

Lebanese Forces chief calls for peace

BEIRUT, Lebanon _ Lebanese Forces militia and troops of Gen. Michel Aoun clashed in two neighborhoods in east Beirut on Tuesday even as militia leader Samir Geagea appealed for an end to the inter-Christian war. Security sources said fighting erupted in the Dora neighborhood and in Ashrafiyeh, the main foothold of the militia. It was not known if there were casualties. Geagea said he would abide by a peace pact announced by mediators Monday. But in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corp., he reiterated that he would not submit to Aoun's demands to lay down arms and withdraw his fighters from Beirut.

BEIRUT, Lebanon _ Two Nepalese soldiers serving with the United Nations peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon have been killed and six wounded by an artillery shell just north of the Israeli-designated security zone in southern Lebanon, officials of the force said Tuesday.

U.N. rights group assails Panama invasion

GENEVA, Switzerland _ The United Nations Human Rights Commission on Tuesday adopted a resolution "strongly deploring" the U.S. invasion of Panama in December, but most of the commission's 43-member nations abstained from voting. The resolution, opposed by Panama's new government, was introduced by Cuba, Libya and Nicaragua and demanded "the immediate cessation of that intervention." The United States says it has already reduced the number of its troops in Panama to preinvasion levels.

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DUBLIN, Ireland _ Britain rejected an Irish Republican Army offer of peace talks Tuesday, saying the guerrillas would have to give up all violence before negotiations could be contemplated. The guerrilla group, which has spent 20 years fighting to oust Britain from Northern Ireland, had offered to sit down for talks with no preconditions.

PARIS _ All obstacles for the return of Britain and the United States to the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have been removed, director-general Federico Mayor said Tuesday. "I have reason to believe that Britain will come back first," he added, without elaborating. The United States pulled out in 1984, accusing the agency of mismanagement and anti-Western bias. Britain followed a year later.

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador _ Former President Jose Napoleon Duarte suffered a relapse in his battle against terminal cancer, his doctor said Tuesday. "Duarte has difficulty breathing, which could lead to coagulation in his respiratory passages," said Dr. Jose Luis Saca, Duarte's personal physician. He said Duarte could die within two days.