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Man shot outside local bar

A 24-year-old man was shot in the wrist and hip Monday night after walking outside a bar to investigate a disturbance, a Tampa Police spokesman said. Michael Alfonso, 24, of 7205 Kingsbury Circle, was drinking at the Seven Seas Bar, 3032 W Kennedy Blvd., at 10:45 p.m. when the incident occurred.

Alfonso saw two men run through the bar and out the back door and walked out back to investigate, Tampa Police spokesman Steve Cole said.

In the parking lot, Alfonso saw two cars parked side by side. He asked one of the drivers what was going on.

The driver responded by punching Alfonso in the face, and a passenger shot Alfonso once with a handgun. The bullet hit him in the left wrist and then the left hip, Cole said.

The occupants of both cars were arrested in connection with the shooting, and each was charged with one count of aggravated battery.

Those arrested were the driver of the first car, Mikeal Roman, 17, of 2713 Lemon St.; the man with the gun, Manuel Santiago, 17, of 5019 N 15th St.; another passenger, Michael Rivera, 16, of 3018 Ivy St.; and the occupants of the other car, Santiago Valdez, 16, of 3135 Henry St., Aldrin Rodriguez, 16, of 2526 Union St., Carlos Rivera, 19, of 2535 Union St., and Jose Tarado, 18, no address.

Rivera was being held without bail Tuesday at Hillsborough County Jail. No further information was available on the others charged.

Alfonso was treated overnight at Tampa General Hospital and released Tuesday.