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Stearns no worse than Times' choices

Editor: Your foaming-at-the-mouth editorial regarding U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns ("Company he keeps may tarnish Stearns") also was delightfully funny. You convict Newt Gingrich for the politics used by others, including Jim Wright and Tony Coehlo, both of whom you supported and who had, as congressmen, come to Florida to support the candidacy of others. Further, if Gingrich is all that you say he is, isn't it the charge of the Ethics Committee to convict him, not the one-sided press? However, what I most enjoyed about your article was your reference to the $100 cocktail party and the $200 dinner. You probably are correct that not many "average" citizens attended these affairs.

But I had to think back to the last presidential campaign. Before his candidacy for vice president (at the same time, because of the strange laws of Texas, he ran virtually unopposed for re-election to the U.S. Senate), didn't Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, that great man of the people, charge anyone who wanted to have breakfast with him $10,000, and, if I recall correctly, didn't you and your paper support him for vice president? Hmm!

However, in closing, I do admire your unbiased reporting and editorial style and, yes, I still believe in the tooth fairy. Doesn't everyone?

Carl T. Hartzell