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Top Lecanto High students honored

The following students recently received awards for academic achievement at a ceremony at Lecanto High School. The awards were sponsored by the Suncoast Eye Center to recognize achievement in individual subjects. English: Ginger Bracewell, Suchitra Challa, Michael Freehan, Elizabeth Leaf and Suzanne Bennett, first place; Kate Quint, Jan Hoven, Maureen LaValley and Suzanne Bennett, second place.

Drama: William Chapman.

Mass media: Tracy Binkowski.

Mathematics: Carrie Connor, Elizabeth Broadrup, Anthony Zarek and Matthew Brockman, first; Stephanie Montross, Victoria Damiano, Maureen LaValley and Jason Sealock, second.

Vocal music: Kristin Walker, first; Sara Capwell, second.

Instrumental music: Jason Sealock.

Visual arts: Lucinda Gayheart, first; David Pierce, second; Kevin Adams, third.

French: Fons Gieles.

Spanish: Tejal Patel.

Science: Jason Abrams, Anthony Zareck, Brian Smith and Theresa Heindel, first; Adam Smith, Mel Whitson, Karen Ruggles and Jenny White, second.

Social studies: Kinnari Desai, Jessica Francis, Valerie Washburn and Jenny Standard, first; Nicholas Ferrara, Jason Abrams, Brian Smith and Erick Hall, second.

Business: Sheila Van Dyke, first; Robert Washburn, second.

Industrial arts: Robin Willbur, first; Pam Cyr, second.

ROTC: Jason Talley, first; David Clements, second.

Agriculture: Anthony petellat, first; Matt Larner, second.

Lecanto Middle chorus rates high at contest

LECANTO _ The following students from the Lecanto Middle School chorus recently competed at a solo and ensemble contest at the University of South Florida in Tampa. The students and their ratings are:

Solo superior: Georgette Ciaramitaro, Jennifer Jackson, Shannon Neiss, Sandy Partin, Jason Roddy and Alice Seith.

Solo excellent: Brieanne Colt, Crystal Farley, Lisa Hargove, Bobby Hocutt, Carisa Swarts and Heathe Woods.

Ensemble excellent: Jason Brussell, Tabitha Jones, Michelle Neiss, Shannon Neiss, Maegan Mirabile and Jayson Roa.

Duet good: Kathleen Reynolds and Alice Seith.

Lecanto Middle pupils

are fifth in Math Counts

A team of Lecanto Middle School pupils placed fifth at a recent Math Counts competition in Ocala. The students are Robin Brust, Billy Dolan, Jenny Eschen, Scott Humphries and Jeanine Shevlin.

The following Lecanto Middle School pupils took first place at a Future Homemakers of America contest at the Florida State Fair in Tampa: Jennifer Brockman, Georgette Ciaramitaro, Kim Gallaher, J'aime Irish, Tina Jordan, Jane Mead, Amanda Poole and Alice Seith.

Girl Scout Troop 282 sponsors poster contest

Girl Scout Troop 282 is sponsoring a poster contest, "Effects of Litter on Our Environment," for youngsters in grades kindergarten through 12.

Posters may be brought to the Recycling Roundup from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Wal-Mart shopping centers in Inverness or Homosassa or may be dropped off at Tri-County Hearing Aid on Main Street in Inverness. For information, call 726-4404.

County Science Fair award winners named

INVERNESS _ Here are the award winners at the recent Citrus County Science Fair:

Junior division: Megan Cossey, first; Kellee Manning, second; David Peek, second, Chris Purdin, fourth; Jennifer Brockman, first; Joseph Nesheiwatt, first; Peter Sewall, fourth; Thea Dalkalitsis, third; Jessica Nusbickel, third; Tracy Shaffer, fourth; Michael Watson, first; Priya Balakrishnan, second; Andrew Gallian, first; Amanda Richardson, third; Kerry Scanlon, third; Charlene Davis, second; Scott Ralph, third;

Sandy Partin, first; Kerryann Cook, fourth; Heidi McKettrick, third; Jenny Jones, second; Benjamin Lev, first; Travis Long, fourth; David Lyon, third; Ian Feldt, fourth; Sean Arnold, second; Tamara Colt, first; James Cossey, third; Joanna Fusick, fourth; Karen Kolinski, first; Breck Brannen, fourth; Todd Bandhauer, first; Keri Watson, second; Danielle Damato, second; Chad Hadley, fourth; Carol Robbins, third;

Rachel Schoenberger, first; Kim Ervin, fourth; Heather Fredericks, second; Samantha Stalcup, first; Tara Holzmann, third; Matt Donnan, fourth; Kyle Guilfoyle, second; Scott Humphries, third; Rusty McCranie, first; Joshua Couter, first; Casey Crutchfield, fourth; Amanda Dias, third; Anna Miller, fourth; Sherry Walters, second.

Senior division: Cristi Corey, third; Angela Elam, first; Rebecca Jefferson, second; Chico Richards, fourth; Kerensa Anne Butler, first, Jon Fleming, second; Michael Albritton, first; Stephanie Dilocker, second; Carolyn Gill, third; Eric Baumgardner, second; Benjamine Keillor, third;

Christian Nechyba, first; Matthew Witherow, second; Kristen Gilbert, second; Gregg Shoppman, first; Mariann Tasber, third; Nicole Spindler, third; Ann Vogel, second; Deborah Weaver, first; Cecile Donaire, second; John Roussakies, first; Sharon Fusick, second; Justin Grimm, first; Greg Carriveau, fourth; Jennifer Twiner, second; Christopher Penton, first.

Special award winners at the Science Fair are:

Joshua Courter, Citrus Vision Clinic; Christian Nechyba and Benjamin Lev, Citrus National Bank; Nicole Spindler and Kristen Gilbert, American Meteorological Society; Samantha Stalcup, Association for Women Geoscientists; Jessica Nusbickel and Travis Long, Eastman Kodak; Melissa Holmes, National Association of Biology Teachers;

Michael Albritton, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; Christian Nechyba, Michael Albritton, Angela Elam, Jon Fleming, Kerensa Butler, Rebecca Jefferson, Ann Vogel, Deborah Weaver, Stephanie Dilocker, Carolyn Gill, Matthew Witherow, Kristen Gilbert, Gregg Schoppman, Jennifer Twiner, Justin Grimm, Sharon Fusick and Eric Baumgardner, U.S. Army; Travis Crane, U.S. Metric Association; Justin Grimm and Joseph Nesheiwatt, American Chemical Society;

Tom Livingston, Florida Association of Science Teachers; Brieanne Colt, Society of Women Engineers; Kerensa Butler, Sandy Partin, Benjamin Lev, Travis Long and Jennifer Jones, NASA; Christian Nechyba, Michael Albritton, Kerensa Butler and Justin Grimm, U.S. Navy; Andy Douglas, Department of Energy, Angela Elam, Michael Albritton, Kerensa Butler, Christian Nechyba, Gregg Schoppman, Deborah Weaver, John Roussakies, Justin Grimm and Christopher Penton, U.S. Marine Corps.

Going to the state science competition in St. Petersburg are:

Megan Cossey, Joseph Nesheiwatt, Michael Watson, Andrew Gallian, Benjamin Lev, Tamara Colt, Karen Kolinski, Todd Bandhauer, Joshua Couter, Rusty McCranie, Gregg Shoppman, Deborah Weaver, Sharon Fusick, Justin Grimm, Kerensa Butler, Jon Fleming, Angela Elam, Michael Albritton, Christian Nechyba, Christopher Penton.

Third-grade glasnost

Getting an extracurricular lesson in foreign culture, third-graders in Jane Meek's class at Crystal River Primary listen as Soviet scientist Vladimir Loevchuk, 35, explains pictures of his hometown of Odessa in the Ukraine. Loevchuk, who works in an optics-research institute in the Soviet Union, stopped by the school during a three-month visit to the United States.