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Weather is a worry for "Atlantis' launch

Space shuttle Atlantis, due to blast off Thursday on a secret military mission, faces a 70 percent chance of delay because of threatening high winds, clouds and thunderstorms, NASA said Tuesday. Despite the dismal forecast, officials said the countdown that began Sunday was continuing smoothly.Doomsday Clock

may be turned back

CHICAGO _ The Doomsday Clock ticking toward midnight on the cover of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, for years an indicator of superpower tensions, may soon respond to the drastic changes in Eastern Europe. For two years the clock has read just six minutes to midnight. The magazine's editor refused to say where the clock's hands will be in April's edition. But Leon M. Lederman, one of the scientists whose opinions influence the clock's movement, hinted at its direction. "I wanted the hands to move back the most."

2 killed in explosion

of tanker truck

WHITING, Ind. _ Two workers were killed and three others were injured Tuesday when a tanker truck exploded at an Amoco Corp. refinery. The 10,000-gallon truck exploded as it was being loaded with propane gas, a company spokesman said.