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Chinese drowning baby girls again

HONG KONG _ The practice of drowning baby girls has revived to such an extent in China's Guangxi Province that at least 1-million men will be unable to find wives in 20 years time, the China News Service said Wednesday. The Beijing-owned news agency said the ratio of newborn girls to boys in the southwestern province was 100 to 121 last year, the worst imbalance in the country. Modern technology, which allows doctors to identify the gender of the fetus, and the availability of abortion contributes to the imbalance.Pope sets visit to Cuba in 1991

VATICAN CITY _ Pope John Paul is expected to make the first papal trip to Cuba next year, Vatican Radio reported Wednesday. In a report from Havana, the radio said the country's Roman Catholic bishops met Monday with Cuban leader Fidel Castro in the Vatican's embassy in the Cuban capital to discuss the trip. It said the trip would most likely take place in the spring. Cuba is the only Latin American country the pope has not visited.

France, Pakistan in nuclear pact

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan _ France on Wednesday ended a 14-year ban on sales of nuclear energy to Pakistan, announcing a commercial venture that would set up a nuclear power plant in the country. Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto said a French-supplied plant would be "open to all international safeguards and monitoring teams." Pakistan, however, is not a signatory to the international nuclear non-proliferation treaty and refuses to sign it unless India does.

Dispute over "Chunnel' resolved

LONDON _ Anglo-French developers announced a deal Wednesday to rescue the partially-built Channel Tunnel after management and financial disputes threatened to wreck one of the world's biggest engineering projects. The developers, Eurotunnel, appointed a U.S. executive to manage their stormy relations with builders Transmanche Link (TML). They said the way was clear for fresh bank lending to keep diggers working on the 30-mile-long twin-track railway "Chunnel." The crisis came to a head last week, when a French court order Eurotunnel to pay TML $106-million which the developers said they did not have. Eurotunnel chairman Andre Benard had said the tunnel might never be built unless the row were resolved.

Elsewhere . . .

PARIS _ French mineral water producer Vittel withdrew 500,000 bottles of its Hepar brand from stores Wednesday for pollution checks. The brand sells almost exclusively in France.

ST. GEORGES, Grenada _ Former Prime Minister Eric Gairy, whose ouster eventually led to the U.S. invasion of Grenada, said Wednesday he would seek office again in general elections on March 13.

BUENOS AIRES _ Argentine President Carlos Menem has offered a key cabinet post to Eduardo Angeloz, his main rival in presidential elections in May, a top presidential aide said Wednesday. Angeloz has repeatedly strayed from his party's line by supporting Menem's austerity program and privatization plans.

MANILA, Philippines - American geologist John Robert Mitchell, his wife and father-in-law were riding in a private jeep that looked like a military vehilce when they were shot dead in an ambush in the Philippines, the military said.