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Derby Club deserves better

Published Oct. 16, 2005

I am appalled that you would rake the Derby Club at Derby Lane so badly! I have been going to Derby Lane for over 30 years _ also, I was employed there for four years, in the publicity and public relations department.

They have been known, and complimented, for their menu for years _ lunch, as well as dinner. I have taken friends and family to The Derby Club for lunch and dinner _ I have never heard a complaint.

You stated that their prices were high! Where can you get such decor, entertainment and pleasure for an evening?

I would like to add they have the "cream of the crop" with waitresses, bus boys, maitre d's, and parking attendants.

Why not leave your sour bets at home; and enjoy a very delightful evening of dining and wining?

Answer this: Why is it so difficult to get a reservation at the Derby Club?

Betsy K. Wren, Largo

A diner's dilemma

What in the world is a Chris Sherman?

Might be male, might be female but definitely verbose and indecisive! Lots of words. But the reader sure has to struggle to find if a restaurant is good, bad or indifferent.

Bring back Carol Kirschenbaum, bad taste buds and all! At least one didn't need an interpreter to figure out if she liked a place.


W. Deringer, Dunedin