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George Costage

The Clearwater Times invited the Safety Harbor City Commission candidates to submit for publication statements explaining why they believe they should be elected March 13. The statements of the Seat 2 candidates appear today. The statements of the Seat 3 candidates will be published Friday. I'm standing on my record of four years in office. I'm not afraid to stand alone for what I feel is in the best interest of Safety Harbor.

In 1987, I stood alone on a 4-to-1 vote to allow a shopping center at McMullen-Booth and Curlew roads. Then in 1988 that property was brought up again, and Margaret Harkey and I voted it down. I voted alone 4-to-1 on the 49th Street Bridge and the 2-cent gas tax. I felt there were better alternate routes, and the bridge would put too much traffic on McMullen-Booth.

I will always vote my own conscience and not be pressured to go along with the popular vote. I ANSWER TO NO ONE OR NO GROUP OF PEOPLE. I REPRESENT ALL THE CITIZENS EQUALLY.

I made the developers have trash containers during construction. Trash was blowing all over the neighborhood. I'm 100 percent for protecting our environment. We must leave some green open spaces for future generations. I proposed a library impact fee on the developer, which will be used to buy books, computer systems and so forth.

Being in office four years, I know the city's problems. I know what currently is being done and what our future plans are. The ditches are being cleaned. We're buying property for retention ponds to control flooding. We're paving streets. We have maintained our tax level.

Some of my 1990 priorities are to start work on the Marshall Street Park, support downtown redevelopment, our library, museum and Recreation Department. I also want to find property for a park on the north side and for a new library. I would like to start building restrooms at the marina and buy property to expand parking.

My past travel expenses have been challenged. In 1986, being a new commissioner, I felt that if I paid all my travel expenses and the city owed me money for that travel, then when I took my wife to conventions the city would just use the money it owed me. I was just saving paper work. I was never advised I was doing anything incorrect. No one is perfect. Since this challenge, I am taking all my travel expenses and paying for all Nancy's expenses. It all comes out the same.

I donated 46 used bicycles to the children of Safety Harbor. I had 40 blankets, three emergency exit lights and a microwave oven donated to the Daisy Douglas pre-school. My wife and I collect food monthly for our Outreach Program.

I'm not just a commissioner who sits on the dais every Monday night and votes on issues. I'm a part of your everyday life.

If your values are my values, then return me to office on March 13. Get to the polls. Take your friends. I NEED YOU. You're important to me. Thank you.