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Janet's menu less exotic than Michael's

Published Oct. 16, 2005

Singer Janet Jackson is following in her brother's footsteps by using Pensacola as a rehearsal hall before embarking on a national tour, but her eating tastes are a bit less exotic. Ms. Jackson is using the 10,000-seat Pensacola Civic Center as a rehearsal hall this week and next before starting her first national solo tour in Miami.

Employees at the Pensacola Hilton said after Michael, a vegetarian, left to begin his "Bad" tour in 1988 that the entertainer's chef had cooked with brown flower petals and decorated his food trays with other selections from the hotel's flower shop.

But Janet Jackson evidently has developed a fondness for Chicken Supreme sandwiches from McGuire's Irish Pub & Brewery a couple of blocks from the Civic Center and Hilton, the Pensacola News Journal reported Wednesday.

"From the day they arrived, Janet Jackson's roadies and sound crew have made us their second home," said Susi Lyon, promotion director for McGuire's.

She was unable, however, to confirm the chicken sandwich rumor.

"Well, we don't know about that," she said. "The men take food with them to go, but we have no idea who it's for."