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Man hurt in fight near bar

A Spring Hill man remained in critical condition Wednesday after being stabbed during a fight outside a bar that started over a pool game. Timothy J. Durkin, 32, was stabbed twice in the neck Monday night outside The Pub, 7393 Spring Hill Drive, according to court records. He was listed in critical but stable condition Wednesday at HCA Oak Hill Hospital.

Roy G. Sievers, 31, of 1285 Sylvia Ave. was charged Tuesday with aggravated battery in connection with the stabbing. He was released later in the day on $3,000 bail.

"They sliced the vein that feeds the brain with blood, let's put it that way," said Durkin's wife, Lori Lee Durkin, 35. She said a surgeon had "opened up his neck and repaired the veins." Her husband also had been put on a respirator, Mrs. Durkin said. It's possible he suffered brain damage because of the loss of blood, she said, but doctors have not been able to determine that because Durkin still is sedated.

Sgt. Frank Bierwiler, Sheriff's Office spokesman, said Sievers' bail was standard for aggravated battery. It could be increased should the charge be upgraded to the more serious aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, Bierwiler said. "From my experience, that's a good possibility."

Mrs. Durkin said the disagreement started when a man in the bar bet her $25 on a game of pool. When she won, he at first refused to give her the money and then reluctantly handed it over.

But when she and her husband left the bar, she said, they were approached by "three or four" friends of the loser of the pool game. One member of the group first threatened her. When her husband stepped in, they started to force him back toward the bar, then one of them stabbed him during a scuffle near the bar's entrance. She said the attacker used a knife to stab her husband. "At one point, I kicked it out of the guy's hand," Mrs. Durkin said.

Bierwiler said Sheriff's Office detectives were not sure what weapon was used, and they had not recovered a weapon.

Her husband was bleeding badly, Mrs. Durkin said. Mrs. Durkin's wrist also was broken in the fight.

Bierwiler said Sievers was arrested at his home after deputies interviewed witnesses. He said the investigation was continuing, and more arrests are possible.