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Romania political killings reported

BUCHAREST, Romania _ Two officials of an opposition Romanian political party were beaten to death with hatchets and their tongues cut out during a national day of support for the ruling coalition, the party's leader said Wednesday. He said the two men were attacked Jan. 29 in the Moldavian city of Bacau as they put up posters for the National Peasants Party. The deaths were the first political killings since the violent revolution that swept dictator Nicolae Ceausescu from power.Soviet general dissents on troops

MOSCOW _ Soviet troop withdrawals from Eastern Europe pose dangers for Moscow, a senior army officer said Wednesday in a rare show of dissent over President Mikhail Gorbachev's military cutbacks. Lt. Gen. Igor Sergeyev, deputy chief of Soviet rocket forces, told the weekly Moscow News that a mass pullout from Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary would upset strategic parity with NATO and overturn Soviet military calculations.

E. Germans urge caution on unity

BERLIN _ East German parliamentarians warned Wednesday against a breakneck race to reunification with West Germany that could tear up East Germany's social welfare net and impoverish many citizens. In a parliamentary debate, all parties endorsed unification to modernize East German living standards but urged a cautious approach to minimize social upheaval. Meanwhile in Warsaw, Polish Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki said Wednesday that Soviet troops should remain in Poland until the "German problem" is resolved, citing the continued ambiguity about Poland's western border with Germany as justification.

Soviets target nationalist group

MOSCOW _ Prosecutors have launched criminal proceedings against Pamyat, a Russian nationalist group that has been accused of anti-Semitic actions, a newspaper reported Wednesday. Literaturnaya Gazeta, a literary weekly, said Moscow prosecutors are pursuing charges against Pamyat of "inciting national and racial hatred and strife."