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Study confirms Bible's account of Jericho's fall

The walls of Jericho did come tumbling down as recounted in the Bible, according to an archaeological study. "When we compare the archaeological evidence at Jericho with the biblical narrative describing the Israelite destruction of Jericho, we find remarkable agreement," said archaeologist Byrant G. Wood of the University of Toronto.

After studying data from recently published excavation reports of British archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon, Wood wrote in the March-April issue of the scholarly journal, Biblical Archaeology Review:

"Here is impressive evidence that the walls of Jericho did indeed topple as the Bible records."

Kenyon had concluded after her excavations in the 1950s that the fortified city was destroyed about 1550 B.C., and was no longer there at the time of the Israelite invasion dated after 1400 B.C.

However, Wood said extensive ceramic remnants and a carbon-14 sample contradict Kenyon's dating of the city's fall, and other evidence converged to support the biblical account.

"The correlation between the archaeological evidence and the biblical narrative is substantial," he said.