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Tropicana to offer frozen blends

People who like Tropicana Products Inc.'s blended fruit juices now have another choice to make: bottled or frozen concentrate. Tropicana, which first offered the Twister blends in liquid form in 1988, will begin selling the juice in frozen concentrate this spring, the company announced Wednesday.

The giant citrus company is expected to hire 40 new employees to process and package the frozen juice.

Tropicana senior vice president Karl J. Maggard said Twister juices have been a hit, racking up more than $100-million in sales last year.

"Twister has been one of the top six new products introduced into the grocery store in the past six years," Maggard said.

The success of the liquid product prompted Tropicana to offer the frozen variety, Maggard said. Company officials project that first-year sales of the frozen juice will top $50-million.

"Twister" products are made by blending different fruit juices in a variety of combinations. The four varieties to be offered in frozen concentrate are orange-peach, orange-cranberry, orange-strawberry-banana and "Pink Grapefruit Cocktail," which is a blend of grapefruit juices.

Four other juice companies, including Dole, also offer juice blends.

Tropicana, the nation's largest producer of citrus, will soon begin advertising the frozen juices under the same theme as its bottled juice: "Flavors Mother Nature Never Intended."