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William F. Rupp

I am running for Seat 2 on the Safety Harbor City Commission because I have spent a lifetime accumulating skills that I intend to use to improve my community. As a former law enforcement officer, labor union leader and state lobbyist, I have insights into the criminal justice system, the relationship between the public and private sectors and the mode of operation of the state Legislature.

It is essential that a public official have integrity, and I believe I fulfill this requirement. Equally essential for the successful representation of the people is the following requirement, which I believe too few public officials possess: In order for a public official to honestly represent the interests and aspirations of the many individuals who comprise his or her constituency, it is necessary to honestly care about these individuals, as well as the community as a whole.

Today, we live in fiscally trying times. It is increasingly difficult for government to provide necessary services while struggling for ways to finance these services.

I believe that my experience as a law enforcement officer, as a labor union leader, as a penal institutional reformer, as an executive to a New York state senator and as an administrative assistant for a New York law firm has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience that could prove invaluable to the city of Safety Harbor.

I believe in activism. Since moving to Safety Harbor almost four years ago, I have been active as the vice president of the Baywoods II Homeowners Association, and I am serving as the chairman of the Drug-Free School Program sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Safety Harbor and Northeast Pinellas.

Finally, I believe that in order for democracy to work, people simply must get involved. Because if we don't care, if we don't vote, if we let other people make our decisions for us, we may wake up one day and discover that we live in a very different world than the one we remember.

I hope more than anything that my campaign will inspire the residents of Safety Harbor to come to the polls on election day and vote. If we expect our government to be responsive to our needs as residents, then we as residents must demonstrate an active interest in our government.