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Officers kill armed man

Two Tampa vice detectives shot and killed a man who pointed a revolver at them outside a north Tampa lounge late Thursday, police said. Detectives Randal Keyes and Russell Schurig were getting off work at the Tampa Police vice unit headquarters in the 8200 block of N Nebraska Avenue about 10:40 p.m. when they heard a commotion across the street at M. B.'s Lounge.

As they ran across the street, they saw a man fire a revolver into a crowd of people outside the lounge. Police spokesman Steve Cole said the detectives, who were in plainclothes, identified themselves and yelled at the man to stop. The man turned and pointed the gun at the detectives, Cole said.

"They had every indication that he was going to shoot them," Cole said. "So they shot him before he shot them _ plain and simple."

The man, whose identity was not released late Thursday, lay sprawled across the lounge parking lot. A revolver lay at his feet.

Cole said the detectives shot the man several times with 9mm semiautomatic weapons.

"He did not know they were cops," said Donna Haggard, a friend of the dead man. "They just pulled their guns out and shot him."

Ms. Haggard, who witnessed the shooting, said she did not hear the officers identify themselves.

Ms. Haggard said that just before the shooting, her friend was having a fight over a pool game with some other people in the lounge. She said lounge employees had asked her friend and another man to leave.

They and several other people left, she said, and her friend apparently went to his truck and returned with a gun. No one was injured when he fired into the crowd.