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"The Cosby Show' takes a double bow in the Nielsen Top Ten

The Cosby Show made two appearances in the Top 10 Nielsen ratings, and The Kennedys of Massachusetts miniseries started strong but couldn't outpace The Color Purple. NBC won the ratings race for the week ended Feb. 18 with an average of 15.7, followed by ABC with 12.6 and CBS with 12.1, according to figures released by A.C. Nielsen Co.

A ratings point represents the percentage of the nation's 92.1-million television sets tuned into a show.

NBC got Cosby into the Top 10 twice by using a special Monday night airing of that show, The Golden Girls, Dear John and Empty Nest to boost the night's ratings. The network claimed a 10 percent gain for the night above the normal.

Also Monday, CBS' The Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage was 38th in the ratings, while ABC's broadcast of Jewel of the Nile was 41st.

NBC claimed it won all the nights of the week except Friday against ABC's lineup and Sunday, when it offered The Death of the Incredible Hulk against CBS' broadcast of the theatrical movie The Color Purple and ABC's first installment of The Kennedys of Massachusetts.

The Color Purple took 18th place with a 17.1 rating, followed by The Kennedys tied at 20th with a 15.8 rating and the "Hulk" movie tied for No. 24 with a 14.6.

America's Funniest Home Videos may have been in sixth place on ABC with a 21.2 rating, but Elvis, the midseason show that follows it on Sunday night, was at No. 43. The half-hour series about the life of the rock legend had a 12.5 rating.

For the season to date, NBC leads the averages with 14.8, followed by ABC with 13.0 and CBS with 12.3.

For the evening news shows, ABC led with a weekly average of 11.3, followed by NBC with 10.1 and CBS with 9.9.

Program Net- Rat-

work ing

1.The Cosby Show NBC 23.9

2.Cheers NBC 23.3

3.Movie: Blind Faith _ Pt. 2 NBC 23.3

4.A Different World NBC 21.9

5.The Cosby Show _ Monday NBC 21.6

6.Funniest Home Videos ABC 21.2

7.Roseanne ABC 20.5

8.Golden Girls NBC 20.4

9.Empty Nest NBC 19.9

10.The Wonder Years ABC 19.4

11.60 Minutes CBS 18.8

12.Golden Girls _ Monday NBC 18.6

13.Unsolved Mysteries NBC 18.4

14.L.A. Law NBC 18.0

15.ALF NBC 17.5

16.Matlock NBC 17.3

17.Grand NBC 17.2

18.Movie: Color Purple CBS 17.1

19.Who's The Boss? ABC 16.9

20.Full House ABC 15.8

21.Kennedys _ Part 1 ABC 15.8

22.Dear John _ Monday NBC 15.5

23.Growing Pains ABC 15.3

24.Movie: Death of Hulk NBC 14.6

25.Night Court NBC 14.6

26.The Simpsons FOX 14.6

27.Amen NBC 14.5

28.Knots Landing CBS 14.5

29.Empty Nest _ Monday NBC 14.2

30.Bob Hope Special NBC 14.1

31.Coach ABC 14.1

32.Head Of The Class ABC 14.1

33.Perfect Strangers ABC 14.1

34.20/20 ABC 14.1

35.Jake & The Fatman CBS 13.9

36.Married With Children FOX 13.9

37.Family Matters ABC 13.8

38.Movie: Love Boat CBS 13.6

39.Doogie Howser, M.D. ABC 13.1

40.Just The Ten Of Us ABC 13.1

41.Movie: Jewel Of The Nile ABC 12.9

42.MacGyver ABC 12.9

43.Elvis ABC 12.5

44.Father Dowling ABC 12.4

45.Dear John NBC 12.3

46.Movie: Dirty Dancing CBS 12.2

47.Dallas CBS 12.2

48.Rescue 911 NBC 11.9

49.227 NBC 11.9

50.Wiseguy CBS 11.4

51.Mancuso, FBI NBC 11.3

52.Quantum Leap NBC 11.2

53.Amen _ Monday NBC 11.2

54.City CBS 11.0

55.Young Riders ABC 10.8

56.True Blue NBC 10.5

57.Murphy Brown CBS 10.4

58.Anything But Love ABC 10.3

59.China Beach ABC 10.3

60.Life Goes On ABC 10.1

61.The Bradys CBS 10.0

62.Paradise CBS 9.6

63.thirtysomething ABC 9.3

64.Falcon Crest CBS 9.5

65.Island Son CBS 9.5

66.Movie: Goonies NBC 8.7

67.Movie: Christine Cromwell ABC 8.6

68.Primetime Live ABC 8.2

69.America's Most Wanted FOX 8.0

70.Cops FOX 8.0

71.Tour of Duty CBS 7.9

72.Connie Chung CBS 7.8

73.Grand Slam CBS 7.5

74.Totally Hidden Video FOX 7.4

75.48 Hours CBS 7.3

76.Open House FOX 7.1

77.Alien Nation FOX 6.5

78.Mission: Impossible ABC 6.2

79.21 Jump Street FOX 5.5

80.Booker FOX 5.3

81.Movie: Princess Bride FOX 5.0

82.The Reporters FOX 4.5

83.Tracey Ullman Show FOX 4.3

84.Garry Shandling Show FOX 3.2

"Island Son' canceled

HONOLULU _ Island Son, a CBS television show starring Richard Chamberlain, is sinking rapidly into the Hawaiian sunset, says an actor in the locally filmed medical drama.

Chamberlain learned the show was canceled during a telephone conversation with Lorimar Productions in Los Angeles, said Glenn Cannon, who heads the local Screen Actors Guild and had a continuing role in the series.

"It was quite an enormous surprise and blow to everyone involved," Cannon said. "There really was no warning at all, and the decision left a variety of people from Los Angeles scrambling to get back to the mainland and find other work."