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It was always on his mind

Published Aug. 7, 1990|Updated Oct. 17, 2005

At Willie Nelson's new Night Life club in Houston, old-style cigarette girls walk around carrying trays on which condoms, breath mints and deodorant are offered as items for sale.All fore a good cause

In a story about the presidential retreat Camp David, Wigwag magazine says that Richard Nixon had all the riding trials paved with concrete so he could drive on them in his golf cart.

TRUMP: Has the Donald been hosed again?

Maples stirrup

A former crew member on Donald Trump's private plane has informed the New York Post that on at least one occasion, when The Donald gave Marla Maples a ride, she helped herself to some of his wife's pantyhose. The crew member said that the empty packages were found when the plane was cleaned later. Chuck Jones, spokesman for Maples, called the story ludicrous and said it "sounds to me like sour grapes." The aircraft is now available for leasing (presumably without carryout underwear), because of Trump's financial straits.

Golden retriever

Rue McClanahan of The Golden Girls has two new videos out: one on dog care and one on cat care. People magazine says they are "annoyingly superficial" but "McClanahan does make some good points about the importance of neutering."

Nazi or nice?

In a W magazine profile, Carol Matthau, who has been married to the actor Walter for 30 years, recalls a happy ending to one of their spats. "We had a fight once and he happened to be right, so I gave him this present." Mrs. Matthau showed the W reporter a silver-framed antique photograph of a child. "He said, "What a lovely little baby picture. How sweet. Thank you.' What he didn't know is that it's Hitler."

They said it

"It's full-time work. It's very interesting. You meet interesting people. It's very important. It's exciting. You live in a beautiful white house. After supper, guess who we walk with? Millie! So it's not all hard work."

_ President Bush explaining his job to a group of children in Chicago, quoted in the New York Times.

"We practice safe sex. We gave up the chandelier a long time ago."

_ Kathie Lee Gifford, whose husband is Frank Gifford, in US magazine.

"It was very nice of him to take time out to raise a little girl."

_ Tatum O'Neal, 26, in Fame magazine, praising her father, Ryan O'Neal, for being so kind as to interrupt his professional and romantic pursuits to give her a home from the time she was 7 to 16.


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