Stage West head resigns after 2 months

Published Aug. 8, 1990|Updated Oct. 17, 2005

After just two months in office, Vince Vanni has resigned as president of Stage West, a community theater company. Vanni, who served on the Stage West board of directors for two years before being named president, said he submitted his resignation Friday "due to philosophical differences with a minor faction on the board."

Vanni declined to elaborate on the differences, saying that pettiness and bickering were impeding the company from "concentrating .


. on getting the job done."

"In the past year and a half, (the board of directors) had a common goal, and, regardless of the differences between us, we shot for it," Vanni said. "Along the way, a minor faction started looking at the alligators instead of the swamp."

Vanni said he wanted to resign "before it got to the point that things got infected, where the board wasn't accomplishing anything and just concentrating on pettiness."

Madeline Child of Spring Hill was named the new president of Stage West. Ms. Child said she would strive for "membership and sociability" among supporters of the community theater group.

She said the board members were "sorry Vince chose to resign, rather than choose to stay and continue to work out the problems."

"I think it was a lot of misunderstanding more than anything else" that prompted Vanni's resignation. "I think it was a lack of being able to communicate with each other," she said. "I'm sure there was no animosity between these people and Vince. Everyone wants to assure him that we are accepting his resignation with a great deal of regret. Without him, we would never have reached the point we are now."

Vanni said that in the past two years, attendance at Stage West productions climbed from about 300 per run to 1,200.