White gives Guerrero a one-game suspension

Published Aug. 18, 1990|Updated Oct. 17, 2005

Pedro Guerrero of the St. Louis Cardinals was suspended for one game by National League president Bill White on Friday for his involvement in a fight during Thursday night's game with Houston. Guerrero and Houston pitcher Danny Darwin were fined an undisclosed amount for their part in the fight.

"Indiscriminate on-field fighting has got to stop," White said in a statement announcing the penalties.

Guerrero said he wouldn't contest the suspension. He hit batting practice with the team before leaving Busch Stadium and Denny Walling batted cleanup in Guerrero's place.

"Whatever they did, they did," Guerrero said. "It's fine with me."

Darwin said he didn't think he should have been fined because he was acting in self-defense.

"I don't think any man alive is going to stand there and let a man hit them," said Darwin, who called Guerrero a "cheap-shot artist" after the game.

Cardinals manager Joe Torre was surprised that Guerrero was suspended.

"I'm not going to condemn what he did," Torre said of White's decision. "He must have a reason. I was just a little surprised, especially with no suspensions coming down in the Philadelphia-New York thing."

White fined eight players for their parts in an ugly brawl Aug. 9 between the Phillies and Mets.

Darwin, Guerrero and Astros manager Art Howe were ejected by first base umpire Bob Davidson after Guerrero and Darwin tangled in the top of the seventh inning. Darwin and Guerrero had words after Darwin threw inside to Guerrero in the sixth and Guerrero punched Darwin in the face at first base after Darwin reached on an infield hit in the seventh.

Howe was ejected for contesting Darwin's ejection.

Both benches cleared but there were no other incidents, although Darwin and Guerrero exchanged angry words outside the teams' locker rooms. After the game, several police officers were called to the clubhouse area as a precautionary measure.