Paul Newman gives $50,000 for refugee aid

Published Sept. 20, 1990|Updated Oct. 17, 2005

Paul Newman has donated $50,000 in profits from his food company to help refugees from Kuwait and Iraq who are stranded in Jordan. Newman, who donates all profits from his food company, Newman's Own Inc., to charitable and educational purposes, gave the money to Save the Children, based in Westport, Conn., the company announced Tuesday.

Save the Children is working to assist 75,000 refugees who have fled Iraq and Kuwait and are stuck in makeshift desert camps in Jordan.

"Mr. Newman's generous contribution will literally save lives; the situation is that dire," said Jim Busch, president of Save the Children. "We need the support of other humanitarian individuals and we need it quickly in order to avert a very real catastrophe."

The money will go toward air freight charges to move supplies from the United States to Jordan, the purchase of additional relief supplies in Europe and the Middle East, and the transportation of refugees from the camps to Amman, Jordan.

Cut Crystal?

Crystal Gayle may cut her famous ankle-length hair because it can be a pain in the neck. Literally.

Pressure from her hair's extreme length gives her headaches and neck aches, the country-western singer said before performing Tuesday with her sister, Loretta Lynn, at the Tulare (Calif.) County Fair.

It also takes an extraordinarily long time to wash and dry _ five hours before her performance Tuesday. She lets her hair dry naturally instead of using a blow dryer.

"The worst part is combing it out," she said.

Her hair was down to the ground for her performance, but she had it up earlier in the day for convenience.

"It was catching on every knob in the trailer," Gayle said. "It's like wearing a gown."

New faces

Chris Rock, left, and Chris Farley are introduced Tuesday in New York as new cast members for the coming Saturday Night Live season.