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Muscle implants for rich, lazy

Published Sep. 23, 1990|Updated Oct. 17, 2005

US magazine, which is not exactly the New England Journal of Medicine but does report on the lifestyles of the beautiful people, reports that more men than ever _ Hollywood men, that is _ are getting he-man pectoral implants to augment their God-given chests. According to US, the pec job uses three flat implants that resemble the three planes of the pectoralis major muscle; the surgery costs about $6,500.

Brian Novack, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, told the magazine he thinks the implants could become as popular as female breast implants.

"I did a guy about a month ago," he said. "He never works out, and he had a totally sunken chest. He never wanted to take off his shirt. Now, the guy's off to the beach all the time."

An anonymous musician gave first-person testimony: "When I found out something could be done about my chest, I said, "Why not?' I didn't want a huge chest like Schwarzenegger. I wanted it to look firm and natural. I do take off my shirt more on stage now."


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