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Bottle tops as toys

Published Oct. 18, 2005

Comment: We all try to do our share to help the environment by recycling. I wash out the caps of liquid laundry detergent and give them to my son to play with. They can be stacked like building blocks or used as sand scoops at the beach or in his sandbox.

Unlike other toys, I don't worry if some of them get left behind because they would have been thrown away otherwise. _ Donna Porzuc, Berlin, Mass.

Clearing up

the matter

Question: Recently I purchased a beautiful copper and brass bracelet at a flea market. My problem is that every time I put it on it turns my arm green. Is there any way I can keep this from happening? _ Tina Ray, San Antonio, Texas.

Answer: Most jewelers can coat the inside of the bracelet to keep this from happening. If you want to do it yourself, you can try covering the inside of the bracelet with clear fingernail polish. _ Heloise

Financial treats

Comment: As a safe alternative to Halloween candy I give out pennies. During the year I save them, then just before Halloween I get them out and put them into piles of five or 10 depending on how many I have. Next, I wrap them in plastic wrap to give as treats to all the trick-or-treaters. _ Eunice Wilson, Edmund, Okla.

Preserving perfume

Question: How can I be sure the expensive perfume I purchase at a fine department store is not old? Since perfume changes scent as it matures, do stores rotate their stock? What is the best way to keep perfume fresh? _ L.L.V., Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Answer: According to several of the finer department stores, perfume is rotated each month to ensure the quality of the product. If you should purchase a bottle that has lost its fragrance or has evaporated, return it to the place of purchase.

If stored away from heat and sunlight, perfume should last 12 to 14 months. It might be a good idea to buy smaller amounts of perfume and store it in the refrigerator to be sure the fragrance is all it can be. _ Heloise

Color TV buttons

Comment: As I have approached that time of life that requires eyeglasses for close work, I find it annoying to have to use them to locate the On, Off and Rewind on the remote control for the television or VCR.

I solved the problem by dabbing a different color of paint on each button. I have the colors memorized, and best of all I don't have to hunt for my glasses anymore. _ April, Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada

Uses for plastic lids

1. Separate hamburger patties when freezing.

2. Put under small plant pots.

3. Use to cover open cans of dog and cat food.

4. Put under cleanser cans to prevent rust on counters.

Pebbles for plants

Comment: Since those plastic foam peanuts don't return to our Mother Earth, I have started using them as I do pebbles when repotting plants.

I feel everyone should try to recycle a little something and this helps a little, I hope! _ Dottie Cleary, Santa Ana, Calif.

It does, and you get a Heloise hug for a healthy-planet hint. _ Heloise

Bring in those chimes

Comment: While we were away for a few days, a severe storm hit our area. I have just finished picking up the pieces of my wind chimes. Some were of great value and others of sentimental worth. The ones that didn't break took me hours to untangle.

The next time I leave home for any length of time, I will bring my chimes into the garage and hang them in there. _ Shirley Voelker, Springfield, Mo.

Never thought of it, but you're sure right. _ Heloise

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