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Cowboys at Bucs

Radio: 1 p.m., WRBQ-1380.1990 records: Dallas 2-4, Tampa Bay 4-2.

Game at a glance: Perhaps Ray Perkins should try to convince his team the Cowboys play in the NFC Central. Tampa Bay is 4-0 inside the division, 0-2 out of it, including a loss to the Cowboys. Yes, the same Cowboys who gained all of 100 yards against Phoenix last week. The Cowboys should have to pay to get at the Bucs' defense (ranked 21st) again, especially the way Emmitt Smith ran through it last time. But the Bucs have a surprise weapon this week: They just might pass. Shh!

Shelton's pick: Tampa Bay 28-17.

Eagles at Redskins

TV: 1 p.m., Ch. 13

1990 records: Philadelphia 2-3, Washington 3-2.

Game at a glance: As bad as the Eagles have played, and as well as the Redskins have played, both teams are one game away from .500. The Redskins dominated time of possession against the Giants, but they couldn't score enough. This week, even with young Stan Humphries at quarterback, Washington must win to stay in the NFC East race. Philadelphia won a gift-wrapped game against the Vikings last week, but the Eagles have bad news: Herschel Walker doesn't play for the Redskins.

Shelton's pick: Washington 28-24.

Falcons at Rams

1990 records: Atlanta 2-3, Los Angeles 1-4.

Game at a glance: Uh, how many points does the scoreboard register? Neither of these teams can be arrested for impersonating a defense. Rumor is, both got their cornerbacks from the want ads. Atlanta's Chris Miller is limping, but he says he'll play. No wonder. The Rams are dreadful defensively. Offensively, however, they still have a wonderful passing game, and Atlanta cornerback Charles Dimry can't hide. The Rams should start their slow climb back into contention.

Shelton's pick: Los Angeles 38-31.

Steelers at 49ers

TV/radio: 4 p.m., Ch.


1990 records: Pittsburgh 3-3, San Francisco 5-0.

Game at a glance: The last time the 49ers were 5-0 was 1984, and the Steelers upset them. It isn't likely to happen again, however. Pittsburgh's offense doesn't figure to do a lot of damage to the 49ers, and although the Steelers' secondary won't look as bad as Atlanta's did last week, Joe Montana hasn't been shut down in recent memory.

Shelton's pick: 49ers 24-14.

Raiders at Chargers

1990 records: Los Angeles 5-1, San Diego 2-4.

Game at a glance: Marcus Allen is splitting time, and Howie Long is injured, and the Raiders keep plugging along. Now comes Bo Jackson, however, and some are concerned the team chemistry could be upset. The Raiders will take their chances, however, and try to run the ball well enough to keep the feared Chargers' pass rush at bay.

Shelton's pick: Los Angeles 20-17.

Saints at Oilers

1990 records: New Orleans 2-3, Houston 3-3.

Game at a glance: The Saints have a reputation as a good defensive team, but they've given up 100-yard receiving days 14 times in 31 games. Against Houston, that could be deadly. Warren Moon enters every game throwing, and he isn't particular about which receiver he throws it to. The Saints are feeling pretty good about quarterback Steve Walsh, who makes his first start, but Houston's defense is solid, too. It'll be a much tougher day for Walsh, and the rest of the Saints, in the Oilers' House of Pain.

Shelton's pick: Houston 31-23.

Chiefs at


1990 records: Kansas City 4-2, Seattle 2-4.

Game at a glance: This game might be over in an hour. Both teams believe in keeping the ball on the ground and playing defense, which is wise when you look at the quarterbacks involved. The Chiefs will try to achieve a running mix between Christian Okoye and new impact player Barry Word. The Kingdome is a tough place to play, but Kansas City's defense and special teams should be the difference.

Shelton's pick: Kansas City 17-16.

Broncos at Colts

1990 records: Indianapolis 2-3, Denver 2-4.

Game at a glance: Say a Colt lineman misses a block. Say a Bronco lineman turns Eric Dickerson's helmet around. Boy, won't the Colt lineman feel bad? Well, not really. Dickerson apologizes all the way onto the field today, and he could have a pretty good day. Part of the reason is fresh legs. Part of the reason is the Broncos are playing with four safeties, and they'll have to worry so much about the pass that they can't simply go after Dickerson. Still, Bobby Humphrey is the NFL's best now, not Dickerson.

Shelton's pick: Denver 21-17.

Cardinals at Giants

1990 records: Phoenix 2-4, New York 5-0.

Game at a glance: The Giants have to play without Carl Banks, which puts the Cardinals within only 16 more serious injuries of being able to pull off an upset. Fortunately for the Giants, the Cardinals usually play without offense, so he won't be missed quite so badly. Phoenix, however, is coming off a superb defensive performance against Dallas, and the Cards could give the Giants trouble for a half or so. But these Giants seem destined for big things, and the Cardinals don't have enough muscle to slow them down.

Shelton's pick: Giants 24-7.

Jets at Bills

1990 records: Bills 4-1, Jets 2-4.

Game at a glance: Think Thurman Thomas is looking forward to this game? The last time the teams played, Thomas gained 204 yards and could have pushed the 300 barrier if the Bills had really tried. Look for the Jets to hold him to under 200 this time, however. But can the Jets also stop Jim Kelly? Hey, you want everything from these guys? Offensively, the Jets blocked absolutely no one against the Chargers last week, so there is no reason to expect them to stop either Bruce Smith or the rejuvenated Cornelius Bennett.

Shelton's pick: Buffalo 61-2.

Dolphins 17,

Patriots 10

1990 records: Miami 5-1, New England 1-5.

Game at a glance: The Dolphins didn't play like a division leader, but there they are on top of the AFC East. Despite losing four fumbles, dropping four passes and averaging 1.9 yards per carry, the Dolphins beat the hapless Patriots 17-10. It's an amazing turnaround: The Dolphins have struggled offensively most of the season, but their defense has kept them in the victory column. As for the Patriots, they're still attempting to play offense with Marc Wilson at quarterback. Enough said.

Bengals at Browns

TV/radio: 9 p.m. Monday, Ch.


1990 records: Cincinnati 4-2, Cleveland 3-3.

Game at a glance: Let's see. Who's mad at Sam Wyche this week? Two weeks ago, it was women reporters. Last week, it was the Houston Oilers, who Wyche ran the score up against. This week, it's Cleveland, whose fans he chided last year. Even worse, the team has lost its defense and running game somewhere on the road. Can Ickey Woods help? Perhaps, but he can't play cornerback. Next week, by the way, Wyche coaches against old buddy Jerry Glanville. Stay tuned.

Shelton's pick: Upset special: Cleveland 24-20.