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Former Yankees starring in World Series

If you're a Yankee fan, picture this lineup in pinstripes. It shouldn't be hard to do; they were in the Yankee system at one time or another, and now they are in the World Series, too. Ricky Henderson, LF, A's

Willie Randolph, 2B, A's

Lou Piniella, RF-mgr, Reds

Hal Morris, 1b, Reds

Ron Hassey, C, A's

Willie McGee, CF, A's

Gene Nelson, 3B-P, A's

Jose Rijo, P, Reds

Michael Nigara,

St. Petersburg

Brett a disappointment

I have always been a big fan of George Brett, but his sitting out a game to help win the batting title (which I'm happy he won) reminded me of an incident.

When I was 8 years old, my father drove me 150 miles across Illinois to a Cubs game. He promised me Gabby Hartnett would hit a home run. Of course he didn't, but it took a while for me to forgive my dad.

If I had driven my grandson 150 miles across Kansas, after promising him he would see a future Hall of Famer, and Brett decided to sit it out, it would have been a long ride home.

Richard Schmidt,

St. Petersburg

New rules cut plays

I agreed with Gary Shelton's comments during the preseason regarding the NFL tinkering with the game rules. Why change something that has worked so well for so many years?

Shortly after the season started the NFL told us that we, the paying fans, were only losing out on an average of four plays per game. Could you please update us on the statistic now? From what I've witnessed on television, and in Tampa, I would say it is quite a bit more than four plays.

H. Scott Lueken,


Last year's games averaged 154 plays (kickoffs, field goals, punts everything but penalties). This year, it's 148 plays per game. Time of game was 3 hours 11 minutes. Now it's 3:00.07. Last year, average combined points was 41.2. This year, 42.5.

UF shows true colors

Finally, let the frenzied Florida fanatics go soak their fat egos. The Gators fizzled, faltered against Tennessee and failed to prove they are anywhere near the college football elite. And I, for one, am fantastically thankful.

All I have heard for weeks is how terribly unjust the NCAA has been to these poor crushed Gators, and stripped a bowl bid, an SEC title, and the national championship from a team, which frankly proved Saturday night they don't merit consideration for any bowl bid, except the Jacuzzi bowl.

Joe Van Koevering,

St. Petersburg

Chandler story praised

Congratulations to Eric Pate on his Oct. 9 article on Wes Chandler (former Gator and NFL receiver now coaching at Daytona Beach-Father Lopez High School). More articles of this sort should be written; they would help wipe out greed and prejudice.

Lee Villani,

Port Richey