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Gasoline tax refund is an ongoing hoax

I am trying to find out if there is such a thing as a gasoline tax refund for people who were licensed Florida drivers in 1976, 1977 and 1978. A flier on my company bulletin board says I can write the Department of Legal Affairs in Tallahassee for a $75 refund for overpayment of gas taxes. I called several places but no one seems to know anything about it. Please look into this.

Janet Miller

Response: Nobody knows about it because it's a hoax.

In 1986, a federal court order required the refunding of gasoline overcharges to residents who bought gas from specified retailers. Claims had to be submitted by March 13, 1986, to be honored.

Since that time, someone periodically has sent out form letters, like the one you saw pasted on your company bulletin board, apparently as a practical joke.

Company won't pay for Hummels

In June, our condominium was treated for termites by Coastal Termite & Pest Control. In the course of the job, one of the workers asked me to empty the shelves in the bottom of our dry bar because he was drilling a hole in the wall there. I did, but while he was using an electric saw, the vibrations knocked two of my wife's Hummel figurines off an upper shelf and broke them.

I told the company owner about it and he said he would check to see if his insurance would cover the cost. He told me to get an appraisal, which I did. The Hummels were worth $750.

I sent him the appraisal by certified mail and have called him several times, but he is always out and does not return my calls.

I am hoping you can do something for me.

Stephen J. Sugalski

Response: Billy Knight of Coastal says you were instructed to remove articles from the shelf and you understood the type of work that was being done around your bar area; therefore, you were negligent in not taking proper precautions and his company is not responsible for the broken Hummels.

Some states tax pension funds

I understand that there are several states in the United States that do not tax pension fund income. Will you please let me know the names of these states?

Irene Siess

Response: It will be easier to list the states which do tax out-of-state pensions under some circumstances. Those are: California, Iowa, Oregon, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maryland, Utah, Vermont and Virginia.

Customer cleans up on cash due

In January, I took three uniform shirts to Sun Country Cleaners in Clearwater. When I picked them up, I noticed that one of the shirts was not mine, so I took it back and the manager said he would look for my shirt.

After a month had passed, I picked up a form from the uniform company with the replacement cost of the lost shirt ($37.45). Since then, the manager has told me on several occasions that he has turned the information over to his main office, but to date I neither have received a check nor have been paid for a shirt that was damaged while being cleaned a year ago.

When I stopped at Sun to pick up three shirts in April, a woman said that she was the owner of the store and that she no longer wanted my business. When I asked why, she said it was because they have to reclean my shirts too often. I suggested that if they had better quality control, I would not have to return my shirts to have them recleaned.

Would you please try to get the check that Sun Country is overdue in paying me in the amount of $52.95?

Floyd Davis

Response: Susan McCarthy of Sun Country Cleaners apologized for the delay, explaining that she has been out of town on business.

She said that to the best of her knowledge, you already were paid in full, but because she does not want you to feel that you did not receive everything due you, she sent us a check for $52.95, which we have forwarded to you.