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NAACP says blacks ready to boycott Japan over racial slur

American blacks would overwhelmingly support an economic boycott of Japanese products to protest a racial slur made by a Japanese minister, the NAACP said Saturday. Japan's Justice Minister Seiroku Kajiyama has apologized for telling reporters after a September tour of a red-light district that "bad money drives out good money, just like in America where the blacks came and drove out whites." But a survey of 1,000 blacks by the NAACP found that two-thirds believed an apology was not enough and that blacks should stop buying Japanese products. Some 16 percent have called for demonstrations against Japanese officials in the United States while 92 percent said they would support an economic boycott, the NAACP found.Agent Orange money misspent

WASHINGTON _ The federal Centers for Disease Control misspent $6.6-million while conducting a study of the effects of Agent Orange, according to a congressional study released Saturday. The General Accounting Office said the money was spent on work by outside contractors that was not needed or could not be carried out because there was not a methodology ready to begin the work.

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FINLEYVILLE, Pa. _ Carbon monoxide seeping from a coal mine fire has forced the evacuation of nearly 250 people. Crews were sealing entrances to the mine in an effort to extinguish the fire, which could burn up to nine months. Residents can return as soon as the mine is sealed.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska _ A federal judge has refused Exxon's request for dismissal of criminal charges stemming from the Exxon Valdez oil spill and ordered the company to stand trial in April.

WASHINGTON _ The House rejected a bill that would have permitted taxpayer-financed abortions in the District of Columbia. President Bush had threatened to veto the appropriations bill for the city's government over its abortion provisions.

BERKELEY, Calif. _ After 20 years, the University of California at Berkeley class of 1970 finally had a graduation ceremony. Their original ceremony was canceled because of sit-ins, demonstrations and marches sweeping the campus. About 200 of the 3,300 1970 graduates showed up for a ceremony Saturday.