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Assault case moves ahead

Prosecutors are moving forward with a second assault case against Edward Lewis Humphrey, a suspect in the slayings of five college students who was convicted recently of beating his grandmother. Humphrey, 19, is charged with two counts of aggravated assault in an Aug. 24 incident in which two students at a fraternity party were allegedly threatened by a man with a knife.

State Attorney Len Register said statements have been taken from the two victims, and prosecutors are proceeding with the case despite the contention of Humphrey's grandmother, Elna Hlavaty, that the case should be dropped.

Mrs. Hlavaty, 79, says she wants the case dropped because the victims were uninjured and are uninterested in prosecuting Humphrey. Earlier this month, at Humphrey's trial in Melbourne, she testified that she was not beaten by her grandson and instead was injured in a fall.

Rob Litvak, 18, one victim of the alleged knife assault, said prosecutors decided to press charges, not he and the other victim, 18-year-old Greg Herskowitz.

Humphrey is to be sentenced Nov. 8 for beating his grandmother at her Indialantic home.