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Egyptian election boycott threatened

Four of Egypt's main opposition parties announced Sunday they would boycott next month's parliamentary elections to protest what they said were unfair voting conditions. This would leave President Hosni Mubarak's National Democratic Party virtually unchallenged. The opposition New Wafd, Labor and Liberal parties and the Moslem Brotherhood are protesting conditions they say encourage vote-rigging.Monks end boycott under pressure

RANGOON, Burma _ Rebellious Buddhist monks ended a boycott on ministering to soldiers after government troops surrounded their monasteries. Reports reaching the capital, Rangoon, from Mandalay, center of the defiance campaign, said the troops ringed at least six major monasteries. The monks' apparent capitulation also came as Burma's prime minister gave army commanders the power under martial law to bring monks before military tribunals for activities deemed disruptive to Buddhism, official Rangoon Radio said. Monks emerged at the forefront of anti-government protests during a 1988 pro-democracy uprising that the army crushed. Burma held free elections in May, which were easily won by the National League for Democracy, the main opposition group. But the military government has refused to hand over power and arrested opposition leaders.

Afghanistan says it attacked guerrillas

KABUL, Afghanistan _ Afghan planes and artillery units have attacked Mujahedin guerrillas laying siege to the southern city of Qalat, the government said Sunday. The government said its forces had killed more than 80 rebels since Thursday in fighting around Qalat, capital of Zabol province. It did not give its own casualty figures. Last week guerrilla commanders said Qalat would be captured "in a matter of two or three days."

Troops capture

Sri Lankan village

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka _ Government troops captured a strategic coastal village in northern Sri Lanka, killing 20 Tamil rebels in an air, naval and ground operation, officials said Sunday. The reported capture of Mawaddipuram village on Saturday opened a passage to Kankesanthurai, a vital, rebel-controlled port one mile away. There was no immediate response to the government claim from the rebel militia, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Peruvian police detain thousands

LIMA, Peru _ Police detained about 8,000 people in roadblocks and neighborhood sweeps in the Peruvian capital over the weekend after a series of leftist guerrilla bombings and killings, police sources said. Police could be seen packing hundreds of detainees into olive-green buses in Lima's outlying shantytowns, said to be hotbeds of activity by Peru's two main guerrilla groups. Most of the detainees were picked up for lack of identity documents and would probably be released by today, police said.

Elsewhere . . .

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia _ Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's ruling coalition was swept back into power in weekend elections, defeating a loose grouping of opposition parties.

EL-ALAMEIN, Egypt _ World War II veterans, diplomats and dignitaries on Sunday honored thousands of soldiers killed in a tank battle that stopped Germany's march through North Africa in 1942.

CARACAS, Venezuela _ Millions of Venezuelans were ordered to stay at home Sunday so census workers could gather data.

BERLIN _ Hundreds of Nazi sympathizers took part in a march in the southeastern city of Dresden, the news agency ADN reported. There were no reports of violence.