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One ticket claims $8-million Lotto prize

Published Oct. 18, 2005

A $1 ticket sold in a retail outlet near the Alabama border will provide its owner sole claim to a Florida Lotto jackpot worth an estimated $8-million, officials said Sunday. The ticket, bought in Campbellton in northern Jackson County, was the only one sold for last week's game that had the six numbers drawn Saturday night. The numbers were 7-9-13-18-28-45. More than 384,000 other tickets were winners, including 361 matching five of the six numbers and worth $2,824 each. There were 21,543 tickets with four of the six numbers, and they are worth $69 each, while 362,838 tickets with half the winning numbers are worth $4 each. This week's jackpot is also estimated at $8-million, if paid to one winner over 20 years.