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Tyson settles parking lot spat

Mike Tyson has reached an out-of-court settlement with a Los Angeles parking attendant who claimed the boxing champion punched him when he refused to let Tyson's white Mercedes-Benz park in a particular spot. Michael Devine, 35, said the terms of the settlement prevent him from disclosing how much money he received. But it was less than the $250,000 he was seeking, he said, and too small to make up for his suffering.

Devine said the incident occurred when Tyson's driver parked in a spot reserved for the wife of the Palace nightclub owner.

Devine said the driver was moving from the spot when Tyson ran from the club and hit Devine in the stomach.

Tyson has denied hitting Devine.

Et cetera . . .

A 9-year-old Ohio boy who died after boosting his best friend to safety when they fell through the ice on a frozen pond was honored with a Young American Medal for Bravery on Sunday.

Attorney General Dick Thornburgh said Andrew William D'Alesio of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, saved his friend's life.

A second recipient of the bravery award was Jason Frank Guntert of Hudson, N.Y., who was 17 when he pulled a woman from a burning, smoke-filled car that had been involved in an accident. Guntert suffered serious burns.

Award recipients are selected by the Department of Justice.

Actor Nicolas Cage has reportedly purchased a 1920s castle, complete with a turret, in the Hollywood Hills. The 11-room castle set Cage back about $1.5-million, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Angela Lansbury says Murder, She Wrote will end this season and promises this time she won't be lured back. "It would be impossible," she said. "It's just nose-to-the-grindstone work."

Lansbury has announced several times that she would leave the show, one of CBS-TV's few top-rated series. She has returned each time, although now her work schedule has eased and she has Fridays off.

A political future?

Rock star Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorthea visit the White House briefing room. The couple were in Washington for the National Italian American Foundation dinner.