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A Deborah departure?

CBS staffers at This Morning think that Faith Daniels will soon be replacing Deborah Norville on NBC's Today show, and they're taking bets on the day she'll do it. They call it the Blond Ambition Pool, says New York magazine, and they've already got 37 participants. One CBS employee told the magazine that Daniels, who started at the rival network, is widely liked. "Most of the bets," said the staff member, "are for around the first of the year, right before the sweeps" in February. Norville is expecting a baby in March.NORVILLE: On the way out?

They said it

"We may be going to war; it's not the time for decollete."

_ Alexander Liberman, editorial editor of Conde Naste magazines, at a recent meeting to discuss magazine covers. Liberman was quoted in the New York Times.

GO WITH THE FLO: Florence Henderson with Brady co-star Robert Reed.

"Wherever I go, people ask me about my makeup, my hair, my clothes."

_ Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson, whose new video is Florence Henderson's Looking Great, Feeling Great. Entertainment Weekly reveals one of Henderson's favorite tips: "While applying rouge, push back the shoulders and suck in the stomach. Then, while flexing the buttocks, massage the toes on a baseball bat or rolling pin." Practice, practice, practice.

_ LEAH GARCHIK, San Francisco Chronicle