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Weed woes crop up again

The grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side of the canal, but the weeds sure are neater. Residents who live along the west side of a canal behind Largo Mall wonder why the weeds are always higher on their side of the water.

The bank along the east side is maintained by residents of the Four Seasons Mobile Home Park. The bank along the west side doesn't look as if it's maintained by anybody, although the property is owned by the city.

The city "is always yapping at us about keeping everything neat and clean, yet they allow this," said Lorraine Poirier of 12817 101st Way.

Her home and about eight others border the west bank of the canal, which runs into Lake Seminole about a quarter-mile to the south.

Mrs. Poirier said she has tried for a year and a half to get the city to cut the weeds and mow the grass along the bank.

If the mobile home park can keep its side of the canal trimmed, Mrs. Poirier said, the city should be able to keep its side clear.

"We've been out there and cut as much as we can," said Cathy Santa, head of Largo's Recreation and Parks Department.

Santa said the only way to clear the creek banks would be to send in crews of workers with weed eaters and machetes, a time-consuming task if attempted on a regular basis.

City Commissioner Jim Miles said the subject of the canal bank's maintenance came up several years ago after residents of the mobile home park complained about the weeds. "They just kept complaining until we finally did something about it," Miles said.

Both he and Santa promised to check on the situation again.