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Board forgot past problems in giving Grubbs a license

Editor: The Hernando Times headline on March 26, 1989, read "The stagnation of River Run," and "Owners ponder murky future of condo project." The article went on to say that builder John D. Grubbs suddenly left Hernando County in August 1988. He was in financial trouble. When he departed, Grubbs left behind a disorganized and confused group of tenant owners living in an unfinished project and facing life-investment deterioration.

On Oct. 9, the members of the Hernando County Construction Licensing Board voted 5-1 to reinstate Grubbs' rights to pull building permits in the county, saying he has made a clear effort to pay his debts to subcontractors. Driving through River Run recently, one can see that what was once a developer's dream has changed into a buyer's nightmare.

How could the Hernando County Construction Licensing Board, in the face of Grubbs' past, reinstate his license? How soon they forget!

Charles Rosboril

Spring Hill

County licensing board

made wrong decision

Editor: It's time to reconstruct the Hernando County Construction Licensing Board. Do we have idiots on the licensing board or are the good ol' boys at work again?

Regarding the John D. Grubbs decision to have him pull permits to build again, Grubbs was suspended for one year in 1988 for unpaid debts to subcontractors for $216,449.24, which is on record with the state attorney's office for fraud.

Grubbs' attorney, Tom Hogan, presented no evidence of final payments to the subcontractors and puts the blame on Barnett Bank, and the licensing board bought it. Barnett Bank says it knows of no pending suit against them and they foreclosed because of non-payments. Were five of the six board members asleep or listening to their Walkman radios?

This decision is a complete whitewash, better known as a cover-up. Licensing Board, if you feel offended and want to go further, be my guest. As far as the Department of Professional Relaxation (oops) Regulation, they are the worst agency in Florida. They walk around with their eyes half-open.

Builders' licenses are a privilege not to be abused or used for fraud. When that is done, the licenses should be revoked immediately.

Frank Vicchiullo

Spring Hill

Times' air show article

didn't hit the heights

Editor: I am usually a booster of the fine writing in the Times, but an Oct. 14 article failed completely to meet your usual standards.

First, "Air festival has bumpy start." What is "bumpy?" There is nothing in the article to explain. Second, you write of non-existent "asphalt runways." If your reporter visited the airport, he would know that all runways are concrete, not asphalt. Third, the article speaks of the "long walk" between areas, but completely ignores the fact you could ride the school buses provided and avoid the long walks. I attended the show and walked maybe 200 yards. The rest of the long walks were in the school buses.

People reading the paper Sunday to see if they would attend would be put off by the tone of your article and the fact you ignored the school buses. Therefore, I feel you did a disservice to the air show. You did publish a number of other excellent articles on the air show, but on this one, at a very critical time, you dropped the ball.

Judge Monroe Treiman

(retired), Brooksville

Our justice system isn't

a tragedy, it's a comedy

Editor: The judicial and legal powers want our younger generation to grow up to respect law and order. The way they show them how to achieve this respect is by the following examples:

Man guilty of 27 counts of indecent liberties and molestation with a minor is given a lifetime probation, no jail. A man guilty of vehicular manslaughter is given probation, no jail. A man guilty of smuggling narcotics into our country is let go, no jail, because he is 83 years old.

This is just some of the penalties given to the criminals in Florida. Add this to the rest of the country and you easily can see why the kids have no respect. The funnies are no longer funny, but the judicial system sure is.

Charles Keegan