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Hooters is ruled to be unfair to men

Hooters restaurants, known for waitresses in skin-tight T-shirts and shorts, sexually discriminates against men by not hiring them as waiters or bartenders, a federal hearing officer says. "The thing they run is a girl-attraction business operation," said Mike Albergo, 42, of Hudson in Pasco County, who filed a complaint against Hooters that said he was denied employment in March 1989.

Federico Costales, district director of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, took Albergo's side.

"Hooters fails to hire males as bartenders-servers as a class .


. the evidence establishes a violation of Title VII" of the Civil Rights Act, Costales ruled.

Now, Albergo said, Hooters either can appeal or compensate him for lost income. He said he is not interested in working for Hooters.

Hooters co-owner Ed Droste said the company has no intention of settling and is confident it will prevail on appeal.